[PREMIERE] Wyldest – Reverse Tide (Live)

Wyldest, the musical moniker of London-based songwriter Zoe Mead, first emerged back in 2014 and caught the ear of many with her well-received debut album, Dream Chaos in 2019. While happy with that album, Zoe subsequently set-about re-inventing those recordings, channelling her lo-fi acoustic tendencies into a new take on the material, Redream Chaos, which was shared in February this year. With live plans currently on hold, Zoe has this week shared a live recording of one of Redream Chaos’ stand-out moments, Reverse Tide.

Wyldest Press Shot - Feb 2020 (Square)
Photo by Laurie Barraclough

Recorded in Zoe’s own Greenwich Studio, we’re treated to an inside glimpse into the complexity of her arrangements. This is a long way removed from the multitude of acoustic guitar-led live videos we’ve seen lately, Zoe looping together a series of live instruments and production tools into something complex and rather beautiful.

Read Zoe’s thoughts on the recording, and then check out the video below.

I created a live looping set using Ableton and various other pieces of equipment because I wanted to have the freedom to perform my music wherever, whenever, without too much compromise on sound.

It can be difficult to be constantly on tour when you’re battling with multiple band members and our different schedules. Some of the time you may need to turn things down due to budget and time constraints and this can be frustrating. 

My band is everything to me and the thought of performing without them made me very nervous at first, however with Redream Chaos I ended up with a whole new album and a whole new level of confidence with live performance. I felt empowered to perform songs from the record live in a solo format.

Redream Chaos is out now via Hand In Hive. Click HERE for more information on Wyldest.

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