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While originally from Blackpool, it was in the somewhat different seaside setting of Venice Beach, California that Karima Francis penned her recent single, Orange Rose. The track, shared earlier this month, is the second Karima has shared following a lengthy absence since the 2013 release of her second album, The Remedy. Having previously appeared on Jools Holland and supported the likes of Paul Simon and Amy Winehouse, Karima is currently building up to the release of a new album, due early next year.

Orange Rose marks a sparkling return for Karima, a reflection on mental health and how it affects our relationships with others, as Karima explains, “in a world where we sometimes feel we can’t speak out, we tend to take it the worst out on people closest to us”. The track is a collaboration with producer Tim Carr, and this pairing brings out a new side to Karima’s songwriting, allowing her the freedom to record the sounds and tones she has always wanted, “I was fantasising about making more organic, saturated sounding records for a long time”. On Orange Rose, she combines elements of widescreen Americana, with swooping vocals and the steady rumble of distant, booming drums. A fresh and exciting moment in the musical career of Karima Francis, after time spent out of the limelight, Karima now sounds more ready than ever for it’s glow to come back her way.

They Say…

Photo by Julia Ksiazek

FTR: For those who don’t know who is Karima Francis?

I’m an independent artist from the North of England. I’ve been making music for a good few years now. Recently, I’ve released a couple of songs, building up to a new record, that I hope to release 2021. People say I’m a doppelgänger of LP because I because of my hair ha! I’m the kind of person that likes to go to the cinema on their own.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

My first show was entertaining. I was playing open mic in an Irish Pub in Manchester, and this Irish priest was heckling me, making me feel uncomfortable. When he came up to me, he told me that he enjoyed the music and I should continue with music. So I did, and the journey started there.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

When I was in school, I loved fine art, contemporary and performance art, but music came naturally to me. I didn’t think about it just happened. I make music because it makes me happy also it helps me, it’s me as a healing process. My music has always been personal and raw, and I hope by making my music, I can help people in some way, give people something to turn too, throughout the craziness.

FTR: What can people expect from the Karima Francis live show?

Live has always been an intimate experience and emotional for sure. I’ve always been lucky in the sense that my audience has always been respectable and kind. I like to make it feel individual and personal. I to talk to The crowd ask them how their day was.

FTR: What’s next for Karima Francis?

I am currently working on what will be another single. Hopefully to release in August, maybe sooner if Everything goes to plan. Also, I plan to play some live dates when we finally exit the lockdown. I want to tour around Europe maybe play some live shows in America 2021. I’m also curating an online music festival to raise money for a UK homeless charity called The Big Issue.

They Listen To…

Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Shuggie Otis – Sweet Thang

Amanaz – Sunday Morning

The Vanguards – Somebody Please

The Vanguards · Somebody Please

Orange Rose is out now. Click HERE for more information on Karima Francis.

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