[PREMIERE] Dom Major – Both Burn Bright (Acoustic)

Hailing from Manchester, Dom Major is a self-proclaimed purveyor of, “sad bastard music”. Dom grew up in the 90’s inspired by the alternative champions of the era, from Eels to Pavement, before becoming increasingly influenced by the more inwardly gazing, folky ilk of Bon Iver and The Shins. Dom released his self-titled debut EP at the start of the month, and then followed it just a matter of days later with Both Burn Bright, a track released in collaboration with Babywoman Records. Today we’re premiering an acoustic take on the song, which Dom recorded in his home studio.

Both Burn Bright was initially inspired by a New Year’s Eve car crash, as Dom recalls, “I did my mate a favour by going because nobody else would. After we crashed the car, me and my Dad were sat in the snow with no phone. Out of nowhere a girl I was seeing at the time pulled over and gave me and my Dad a lift home”. Listening to the track it seems to be a moment of clarity, the kind of event that suddenly puts a life into context and sends it spiraling. Dom seems to grapple with the here and now, while also questioning his wider place in the world, asking where he’s headed, and what he will leave behind.

With the original recording, Dom set out to capture the spirit of the live-band, full of electric guitars and Americana-tinged vocals, yet this acoustic take seems to shift not just the instruments but the entire mood. Atop the fluttering finger-picked acoustics, Dom’s vocal carries much of the melody, taking the track towards an almost Andy Shauf-like level of intimate storytelling. This feels like Dom offering another side to the tale, showing, even with the same words that you can tell an entirely different story.

Both Burn Bright is out now via Babywoman Records. Click HERE for more information on Dom Major.

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