[PREMIERE] Milky Wimpshake – You Make A Nice Piece Of Art

It’s been almost three decades now since the 1993 formation of Milky Wimpshake. Since then the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne cult indie-pop heroes have released a veritable cornucopia of singles, albums and everything in-between through a vast array of independent labels. They’ve been tagged everything from punk folk to twee skiffle and in the true indie-pop spirit have found both fans and doubters along the way. It’s been five long years since their last offering, 2015’s Encore, Un Effort, however that is all set to change in October, when they team up with Bobo Integral for the release of their latest collection, Confessions of an English Marxist. Ahead of that release, we’re sharing their new single, You Make A Nice Piece Of Art.

With songs that date as far back as when David Cameron was still the Prime Minister, it is perhaps no surprise to hear politics looming large on Confessions of an English Marxist, from (alleged, don’t sue me) bestiality to Brexit, it is a record that pulls no punches, and aims quite a few straight at the government. In fact as Pete explains, there’s maybe only one thing missing, “there’s a few confessions on this album, but not enough confessions of guilt perhaps – I’ll get there”.

In many ways, You Make A Nice Piece Of Art is a love song for someone’s creative side, a lustful look at brushstrokes and splashes of colour, “you’re saying art makes life worth living, and I don’t think that’s a given, but I must say you brush me up the right way”. For all it’s knowing artiness, there’s something delightfully domestic about the whole thing as references to Louise Bourgeois and Man Ray, are punctured with visions of washing up and hoovering. All set to a two-minute slice of jangling chords, drum clatter (courtesy of Witching Waves’ Emma Wigham) and driving bass, it’s a wonderful dissection of life, art, and the way the two sometimes get in one another’s way. Roll on the confession booth, on this evidence Milky Wimpshake still have plenty to say.

Confessions Of An English Marxist is out October 16th via Bobo Integral Records. Click HERE for more information on Milky Wimpshake.

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