[PREMIERE] Giulia Millanta – Tomorrow Is A Bird

Although originally from Florence, Giulia Millanta followed her musical dreams across the Atlantic Ocean in 2012, and now calls Austin, Texas home. Giulia has been playing music since her father taught her to play guitar aged just eight, and first emerged back in 2008 with her debut album, Giulia and the Dizzyness, which has since been followed by a further five records. Giulia’s latest album, Tomorrow Is A Bird, is set to arrive in October, and today we’re premiering the title track from it.

Photo by Barbara FG.

Discussing the track, Giulia has suggested Tomorrow Is A Bird is about how we all, “put too much pressure on ourselves to be, to do, to have”, and how ultimately, that is a self-inflicted wound, as she further explains, “we get to choose how we want to live. I ask myself at the end of the day: what do I owe to myself?” Like the titular bird, this is a track about embracing the freedom of what can be, of attempting to rid yourself of what the world expects of you and to do what is best for yourself, as Giulia sings, “in the sky the birds look small and on the wire they sit apart from one another to be free, to fly away”.

Musically, Tomorrow Is A Bird is a delightful slice of dense Southern-state Americana, as muted, percussive guitar notes give way to warm waves of slide and twanging country-licked guitar solos. At the heart of the track is Giulia’s transatlantic vocal tone, somewhere between Marianne Faithful and Lilah Larson. While she may be seven albums into her recording career, Giulia Millanta has never sounded more relevant or exciting than she does right now, if tomorrow is a bird, Giulia Millanta is ready to take flight.

Tomorrow Is A Bird LP is out October 16th. Click HERE for more information on Giulia Millanta.

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