[PREMIERE] Lexi Whatever – Whales (Live at Pattye’s Closet)

We featured Lexi Whatever, the project of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Alexa Carrasco back in August around the release of her sublime debut album, If You Call The Woman The Woman Comes. With touring and recording somewhat tricky, Lexi has still found time to work on new material, and today we’re premiering a live version of a brand new track, Whales, recorded at Pattye’s Closet, a vintage shop in California that Alexa admits, “I’m obsessed with”.

Photo and Header photo by Juansa

While we’ve no finished product to compare it to, for this live version we find Lexi alone at a keyboard, picking out warm reverberating runs with the percussive pulse of the bassy-notes. Atop this, Lexi’s vocal melody dances and dives, recalling Regina Spektor or Margaret Glaspy as she relays her thoughts to the song’s recipient, Susan. As the song plays out we’re given hints about their relationship, the whole thing is laced with a sense of distance, as Alexa explains it is a song about, “missing someone and wanting to talk to them, tell them about the boring things like the new chair you bought or the movie you watched. Tell them about how things have changed, or haven’t”.

Throughout there are hints that while Susan and Alexa might not always have seen eye to eye, as she notes, “since you’ve been gone, I’ve been getting my way” and later, admits her surprise that in her vision, “we’re all getting along”. Despite that though, ultimately this is a song about love and a desire for togetherness, a feeling that’s obvious as she sings at the songs close, “I believe that I miss you I do, I believe that I miss you, it’s true, but the days they just go by, they do, but the days they just go by, without you”. Even in this rough cut, live version, Whales feels like an exciting new chapter for Lexi Whatever, the shoots of something special are just starting to come through.

If You Call The Woman The Woman Comes is out now. Click HERE for more information on Lexi Whatever.

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