[PREMIERE] Luxembourg Signal – 2:22

For the best part of a decade, Los Angeles / San Diego / London-based septet Luxembourg Signal have been growing an ever increasing audience for their brand of dreamy indie-pop. The band released their self-titled debut back in 2014 on Shelflife Records, followed in 2017 by the acclaimed Blue Field. Continuing the pattern of an album every three years, later this month the band will release their new album, The Long Now, through both Shelflife and their new European home, Spinout Nuggets. Today we’re premiering the video to the record’s first single, 2:22.

Photo and Header Photo by Leah Zeis

2:22 is a song that, in the band’s own words, “conveys the paralysis of being confined in a digital world”. Recorded, like the rest of album, with engineer Mark Rains, 2:22 serves to illustrate the growth in Luxembourg Signal’s sound, their twee-pop origins sliding aside to reveal a darker, more luxurious heartbeat within. The band have suggested the album, “imagines a blurred horizon that lies between light and dark”, and here they seem to have hit a perfect balance between the bleak and the beautiful that fans of Foundlings of Night Flowers will find hard to ignore.

You can read the band’s thoughts on their self-made video below, which features footage from less confined times surrounding their first European tour.

“[For] The video for 2:22 we basically just used footage from our first tour in the UK and Paris. It’s hard enough for us to all get together in one place in the best of times, so in a way it’s nostalgic for a happier, simpler time when we were all just glad we could be together to do something like that. It’s especially bittersweet now, during these strange, unpredictable times. 

The roller coaster is the “Crazy Mouse“ on Brighton pier, and our friend Leah filmed the whole ride, which, sort of, perfectly times out at two minutes. So, I just used that as the basis for the video, and cut in clips from around town in Brighton, all of us traveling to Paris to the popfest, London, and Derby for Indietracks. There’s also some footage from Devon, where some of us finished our travels.”

Ginny Pitchford – Band Member & Video Maker

The Long Now is out October 23rd via Shelflife Records (US) / Spinout Nuggets (UK/EU). Click HERE for more information on Luxembourg Signal.

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