[PREMIERE] Maeve Aickin – Temple

A songwriter based between Mumbai and Minneapolis, we last featured Maeve Aickin around a year back when she shared some of the songs that would go on to make up her debut album, Waiting Rooms. That album will finally see the light of day next month on Corkscrew Records, and today we’re premiering the latest track from it, Temple.

Discussing the track, Maeve has suggested that Temple is, “a tender reflection on the nuances of faith”. The track muses on ideas of Christianity, yet scratching the surface it seems to be a questioning of very human ideas, reflecting on our compulsive desires and our ability to simultaneously process both doubt and conviction.

Maeve speaks openly of how seeing Julien Baker inspired her to make music and pick up the guitar, and her influence looms large, without ever becoming derivative. Here, Maeve seems to strip everything back into a minimal slice of bedroom-pop, with her rich, wavering vocal accompanied by just a lone, reverb drenched electric guitar. Maeve Aickin is an artist growing into her place in the musical landscape, finding her feet and sounding more compelling with every release.

Waiting Rooms is out November 13th via Corkscrew Records. Click HERE for more information on Maeve Aickin.

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