[PREMIERE] Teenage Pin Queen – Blue Horizons

We’ve featured plenty of bands who’ve had to adapt their approach during the ongoing corona-virus restrictions, although to our knowledge none who actually formed during them. That all changes today, courtesy of Teenage Pin Queen. Initially a trio, when their rehearsals were interrupted by a national lockdown, the band set about recording their debut release remotely; they subsequently went on to recruit guitarist, Carl Farruġia, via a virtual audition, and the band have yet to actually play in the same room together. They have however completed their debut single, Blue Horizons, which we’re premiering here today ahead of its release this Friday.

The band’s musical roots take in everything from Noise-Rock, vocalist Elle Barker and drummer Nick Upton play in Sherbet Flies, to indie-pop, Carl Farruġia was formerly the guitarist in Wolf Girl and co-runs DIY-label, For The Sake Of Tapes. Although listening to Blue Horizon, you probably wouldn’t guess the band’s musical roots. Here they shift their focus to wistful alt-country, with Elle’s easy vocal style accompanied by ticking drum-beats, lush-layered guitars and hazy-keys, bringing to mind the likes of Jessica’s Brother or Conor Oberst’s solo material.

Lyrically, it’s a track that seems to touch on a chasm growing between people who were once close, even across the songs three-and-a-half minutes, what starts as, “spaces between us”, later become, “oceans”. Throughout there’s a sense that whatever this relationship was, it is now fading away, and while there’s a little desire to keep trying, there’s a sense of acceptance that it might not be enough, “bones don’t shake they shatter when you’re gone, I’m still trying. There is air between the words that come up”. A perfect slice of Autumnal melancholy, Blue Horizons is an exciting introduction to Teenage Pin Queen, now just think how good they’ll sound when they’ve actually played together!

Blue Horizons is out tomorrow. Click HERE for more information on Teenage Pin Queen.

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