[PREMIERE] Elise Boulanger – Cigarettes et Rosé

Hailing from Nanaimo (Snuneymuxw), Canada, Elise Boulanger is a classically trained, bi-lingual, Chamber-Folk-Pop artist, citing a vast array of influences from Regina Spektor to Franz Schubert. Elise emerged back in 2019 with her debut single, the sea-shanty influenced, The Mariner’s Remedy. Today we’re premiering the video to Elise’s new single, Cigarettes et Rosé.

Photo by Laura Baldwinson // Header art by Annabelle Bail and Laura Baldwinson

Cigarettes et Rosé is a track heavily influenced by the time when Elise was living in France, in particular it is influenced by the difference between French and Canadian culture. Trust is a key theme, as Elise explains, “at times people wouldn’t trust others to come into their homes. Thus, they would avoid having at-home gatherings. This absolutely fascinated me, especially given that Canadian’s are so welcoming and accepting”. While acknowledging that this stereotype does not apply to everyone, the track does serve as a plea to invite people into your home and into your life.

Musically, the track is a brilliant slice of fizzing orchestral-pop, built around prominent strings and clattering percussion, existing in the middle ground of Owen Pallet and Joanna Newsom, as Elise’s words flick rapidly between English and French. There’s even room for some classically French influences, with musical reference points hinting back to the military power of Napoleon and the many Louis via military-inspired snare drums and waves of arpeggiated instrumentation. This is as ambitious and intriguing a slice of alt-pop you’ll hear this year, Elise Boulanger is a very special musician, and one ready to make a very big impression on the world at large.

Cigarettes et Rosé is out now. Click HERE for more information on Elise Boulanger.

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