[PREMIERE] Party Fears – Time In Space

The project of Berlin-based, Northern Irish songwriter Maggie Devlin, Party Fears last appeared on this site back in March, when they shared the excellent single, All Is Good. Party Fears have previously supported the likes of The Beths, Pillow Queens and Mom Jeans, and caught the attention of many with their eclectic blend of musical ideas. Ahead of its release tomorrow, Party Fears are today premiering their latest single, Time In Space.

Photo & Header Photo by James Byrne

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Maggie suggests Time In Space is, “a song about prioritising security over authenticity”, and how that, “is not necessarily bad but sometimes hard”. The track was understandably inspired by the year that birthed it, “for this song I did a bit of projecting, imagining selves beyond this self; maybe some of them more authentic than the me imagining them. It’s a weird year that calls for some astral projection”.

Musically, the track seems to pick up where All Is Good left-off, and then runs with it. The track enters on a whisper of reverberating guitar chords, and Maggie’s unadorned vocal, that sounds instantly unimpressed by the state of the planet around her, ” I wish I were an astronaut, this planet isn’t what I thought, I’d pack away my dungarees, and tidy up my magazines”. From there the track slowly builds around a pulse of muted guitar chords, and distant brassy echoes, before a loose clattering drum-beat and chiming guitar-line come roaring to the fore. It’s a track that has a fascinating pacing, always sounding on the verge of really letting loose, yet simultaneously binding its time. Another impressive track from this most fascinating of songwriters, Party Fears continue to feel like an act building up to something really rather magical.

Time In Space is out November 26th via Babywoman Records. Click HERE for more information on Party Fears.

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