[VIDEO PREMIERE] Adriana McCassim – Killer

Based out of Asheville, North Carolina, Adriana McCassim first emerged into the world of music with her 2019 single, Pressure. Last year teaming up with Ghost Mountain Records, the new label ran by Andrew Vasco, Adrian released a six-track EP, Quiet Sides. Discussing the record, Adriana described it as, “a culmination of songs that find glimmer through hardship and community”. Today brings this particular chapter of her music to a close, as Adriana is premiering the accompanying video to the record’s stand-out moment, Killer.

Photo and Header Photo by Sheila Mraz

Discussing Killer, Adriana has suggested the track is about, “looking at the person you love and realising your relationship has changed”. Throughout the track, Adriana’s vocal is placed front-and-centre, sometimes alone, and sometimes accompanied in close harmony by a second voice. Alone or together, they’re accompanied by a suitably smoky backing of steady drum-tick and guitars that ebb and flow like waves crashing on the shore, reminiscent of Sharon Van Etten; or even the more melodically led moments of Cross Record.

Lyrically, Adriana seems to tap into the sense of loneliness that can come with seeing someone you cared for slipping out of your life, as she poignantly asks, “is your love hazy for me”, before sliding into the familiar tones of self-doubt, “it’s too much, am I too much, because I don’t know much”. The accompanying video was created by Adriana alongside director Aidan Weaver, which you can check out below.

Quiet Sides is out now via Ghost Mountain Records. Click HERE for more information on Adriana McCassim.

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