[VIDEO PREMIERE] Wyndow – Take My Picture

While you may not yet have heard Wyndow, there’s a good chance you’re aware of the work of the two revered songwriters behind the project. Laura J Martin has released three acclaimed solo albums and supported the likes of PJ Harvey and Cate Le Bon. Lavinia Blackwall is a solo-artist in her own right, as well as a member of Trembling Bells who have released seven albums, as well as acting as the backing band to folk royalty like Mike Heron and Bonnie Prince Billy. The pair first met when they were both playing Moseley Folk Festival in Birmingham, hitting off over, “a shared love of the music of Robert Wyatt”, after their paths crossed a number of times over the subsequent years, they began to collaborate on each other’s music. When lockdown struck, the flow of ideas hit new highs, and Wyndow was born, a project fittingly described by Laura as, “a set of musical postcards sent across the wires from Liverpool to Clydebank“. The band recently shared their first single, Take My Picture, the accompanying video for which is premiering here today.

Photo by Casey Raymond

Take My Picture is a track that walks the line between ethereal beauty and haunting melodrama, as Laura recalls, “my 4-year-old nephew described it as a nightmare, which I took as a compliment”. To the fore throughout is the spectral beauty of the two entwined vocals, they seem to almost dance around one another, like two tributaries of a single river, parting one moment, before coming together again as they wind their way onward. They’re accompanied by a dizzying array of musical ideas, from minimalistic piano-flourishes, to flute solos, multi-tracked bass, bouzouki and autoharp, each taking their moment in the limelight before rushing quickly off to lurk in the shadows again.

The accompanying video created by Casey Raymond, is an eerie psychedelic piece, resplendent with wandering hands, garden sheds and other mundane things that in her creative hands become very capable of sending a shiver down your spine. You can read the band’s thoughts on the video and check it out below.

Postcards from the edge of government-sanctioned fresh air filtered through the cerebral prism of acclaimed auteur Casey Raymond (John Grant, Cate Le Bon, Lovely Eggs and Sleaford Mods).  Take my Picture is the debut video from Wyndow and features Laura J Martin and Lavinia Blackwall moving through crystal eruptions and the ruins of the past.

Wyndow’s Statement on the accompanying video.

Take My Picture is out now. Click HERE for more information on Wyndow.

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