[VIDEO PREMIERE] Sand Duney – Shadow Outside

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Sand Duney is the new solo project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J. Jones, perhaps best known up until now as the Jessica Jones half of Jessica Dennison + Jones, and as a contributor to the band Dear Nora. For Sand Duney, Jessica set out with the aim exploring not just new musical, but new thematic ideas, honing in on themes of, “ecology, climate, queerness, and existence”. The debut Sand Duney EP, The Julia Loop, came out back in February, and today we’re premiering the video to record’s opening track, Shadow Outside.

Photo by Dave Coy

The track was crafted in a somewhat unique manner, as Jessica explains, “using two loop pedals, separate layers of backing tracks are simultaneously engaged underneath the lead guitar and vocal and recorded to a reel-to-reel live in one take”. While a challenging process, it is one Jessica suggests they have found liberating, finding, “unexpected freedom and joy within the limitations of the format”.

Musically, the track has a certain retro-bounce to it, the jagged guitar equally reminiscent of The Velvet Underground as it is more modern contemporaries like Henrik Apell or Holiday Ghosts. The vocal has a distinctly bedroom-pop charm, laced in reverb and buried low in the mix, it seems to slide into ear-shot before drifting away again, like a quietly enticing puzzle revealing more on each repeated listen, even though it largely seems to just repeat the track’s title.

The accompanying video filmed and edited by Dawn Riddle, is in Jessica’s words, “about finding moments of joy during what has been a very difficult year, and just accessing some magic”, taking influence as Jessica explains from, “Elliott Smith’s “Lucky Three” or the Frumpies “Intertube Tomorrow” that have a strong sense of place, and also just capture a regular day or afternoon”.

The Julia Loop is out now. Click HERE for more information on Sand Duney.

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