[PREMIERE] Special Friend – Ennemi Commun

Based out of Paris, Special Friend are the American/French duo of drummer Erica Ashleson and guitarist Guilaume Siracusa. The pair first emerged back in 2019 with the release of their eponymous debut EP. Special Friend are set to return later this month with a brand-new album, Ennemi Commun, and today the band are premiering the video that accompanies the record’s title track.

Photo & Header Photo by Coralie Gardet

The track bounds in on a wall of fuzzy guitars and cutting snare-drum hits, settling into a wonderful middle-ground between the avant-pop of Stereolab and the dreamy-grunge of The Breeders. It seems to mark a step-forward for Special Friend as a recorded prospect, the band working with the help of En Attendant Anna’s Vincent Hivert, to produce a record that is more layered, yet conversely more spacious than their earlier material.

While the musical world has been on hold, Special Friend seem to have been working; their songwriting feels stronger, their production is better and they’re an altogether more exciting prospect. When their album arrives, Special Friend are going to more than live up to their name.

Ennemi Commun is out March 26th via Howlin’ Banana / Hidden Bay Records. Click HERE for more information on Special Friend.

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