[PREMIERE] Charlotte Jacobs – Where You Want Me To

Hailing from Brooklyn-via-Belgium, Charlotte Jacobs describes herself as a vocalist, composer and electronic music artist. Charlotte grew up in the countryside of Flanders, spending much of her youth in her parent’s art gallery, and her influences are just as likely to be borrowed by visual art, poetry or dance as they are more traditional musical ideas. After spending several years performing in Belgian electronic trio SEIREN, Charlotte relocated to Brooklyn in 2017 and launched her voice into collaboration with various New York musicians and producers, culminating in the 2019 release of her debut EP, Fishtale. Two years on, this Friday will see Charlotte release her latest offering, Shape Of Wandering, and today she is premiering the video to the record’s opening track, When You Want Me To.

Citing influences from Anne Clark’s, “mantric spoken word”, to the multi-disciplinary art and music of Laurie Anderson, When You Want Me To is an explorative piece, combining vocal experimentation with synth tones, frenetic drums and swells of brass. While the vocal intrigue is reminiscent of Cross Record or Jenny Hval, musically it inhabits a different world, reminiscent of the dense multi-layered approach of Lionlimb.

The accompanying video places contemporary dancers, Holly Sass and Joanna Kotze, into the woods and trees, dancing to the beat of drummer, Raf Vertessen. The dance was always part of the plan for the track, with Charlotte setting out to create a beat perfect for the performance. An explorative and intriguing record, Shape Of Wandering is the sound of someone embracing every part of creativity that they love and making it into an exploratory and intriguing whole.

The Shape Of Wandering is out April 9th. Click HERE for more information on Charlotte Jacobs.

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