[PREMIERE] Jill Whit – Internet Cowboy

A multi-disciplinary artist from Salt Lake City, Jill Whit moves between artistic styles, experimenting in music, fine art and tattooing, to name but a few. Jill’s latest project is a “bedroom ambient”, electronic-pop album, time is being and it is due out later this month on Orindal Records. The release was recently announced alongside two brilliant singles, Touchless and Maybe Means No, and today Jill is premiering the latest track from the album, Internet Cowboy.

Photos by Joshua Doss

While we’ve all got quite used to hearing records that were held up by the Covid-19 pandemic, on time is being, Jill’s recordings coincide with the initial panic. Internet Cowboy marks the dividing line, as Jill explains, “Internet Cowboy was the first song I wrote when the 2020 pandemic hit and I started Quarantining”. While you might expect it therefore to be a track laced with doubts and insecurities, Jill’s take is actually more hopeful, “I started the song thinking it was about trying to focus on the good in order to not fall too deep into fear. It gave me a sense of hope and optimism during a time when seeing the positive was very difficult and was a reminder that time is continual”.

Listening to Internet Cowboy, a sense of brightness and positivity is instant, even if it is underlain with a certain intrinsic wistfulness. The track opens on a pulse of a keyboard, and Jill’s reverberating vocal, “there is light, even at the ending”. The single then seems to meander and flow through a variety of electronic landscapes, mirroring the lyrical content, “your love is so simple, like a river that runs, while I’m standing still”. As the track gently fades out, it seems to leave a warm after-glow, a feeling of hopefulness and the most underrated emotion, contentment. time is being may be an album of isolation, yet it is still one that seems to search for hope and understanding, whether with herself or the world at large Jill Whit is a musician who seeks to make connections and makes the world a little bit better as a result.

time is being is out May 28th via Orindal Records. For more information on Jill Whit visit https://orindal.limitedrun.com/artists/jillwhit.

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