[PREMIERE] Raveloe – New House

Back at the start of the year, Raveloe, the musical pseudonym of Glaswegian songwriter Kim Grant, made something of a splash with her well-received debut EP, Notes And Dreams. The record gained Raveloe an array of fans including blogs and radio presenters, all of them won over by her way with a dreamy-melody and delightfully raucous guitar line. One of the most intriguing new voices emerging in Scottish music Raveloe is set to return this Friday with a new single, New House, the video for which she is premiering here today.

Photo & Header Photo by Craig Macintosh

New House marked something of a different approach from Kim’s early bedroom-recording style. Recorded over two days at Glenwood Studios, the track was produced by the acclaimed Paul Gallagher, with the addition of drummer Peter Kelly and pianist, Jason Riddell. The change in sound is instantly recognisable, this feels bigger and bolder than previous recordings, and more ambitious as a result. Despite this more collaborative approach, it is still very much Kim’s own vision to the fore as a whirlwind of chaotic guitars, pitched somewhere between Squirrel Flower and The Twilight Sad, create a cacophonous backing for her rich, textural vocals.

Lyrically, the track was inspired by the experience of returning to her home townduring the first lockdown, as Kim recalls, “it’s explorative, reflective and hopeful“. The result is a track that seems to channel the spirit of the unknown and the familiar, a sense of simultaneously detaching yourself from life as you know it, and also of returning to something comfortingly familiar. New House seems almost inconclusive in its emotions, unsure whether it’s hopeful or melancholic and all the more human as a result. This is a track that doesn’t try to have all the answers, instead it simply seeks to chronicle a moment in time, taking the tumultuous hurricane of thoughts that came with it and crafting them into something really quite magical.

New House is out May 21st via Olive Grove Records. For more information on Raveloe visit https://raveloemusic.bandcamp.com/.

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