[VIDEO PREMIERE] Dinner Night – Reporter In The Wind

Having completed a stint at the Glasgow School of Art, in the Summer of 2019 flatmates Max Lunn and Becky Sparks went searching for fresh inspiration. Inspired by, “singing to each other about their day in the vein of the Pastels and workshopping impersonation of Frank Black”, the duo decided to form Dinner Night. Now two years on and expanded to their current five-piece lineup, Dinner Night are set to release their debut single, Reporter In The Wind, the video for which is premiering here today.

Discussing Reporter in the Wind, Dinner Night have suggested the track was, “inspired by storm-chasing meteorologists reporting from the eye of the hurricane while preaching that you should stay safe at home”. The song is writ large with a palpable sense of dismissal of risk, the storm acting as a metaphor for the wider world around us and the, “angst and anxiety that can arise from a sense of detachment from the people around you”. Although if that’s a little too heavy for your mood, equally you could take it as a song about being caught in an actual storm, as the band sing of powerful winds, hail storms, and making sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing, “I don’t think it’s safe I need to stay indoors, repeat, I need to stay indoors”.

Musically, Reporter in the Wind is a brilliant sub-two-minute retro-jangler, nodding back to the late 80’s indie sound that influenced the band, as well as more modern contemporaries like Holiday Ghosts or The Wave Pictures. Atop a stomping drum rhythm, we’re audibly assaulted (in a very good way) by layers of unhinged guitar flailing and dual sing-speak vocals. The first of a new batch of music written and recorded in lockdown, Dinner Night are emerging into the light, with songs ready to burrow into your brain and never let go, don’t fight it, grab a plate and dig in.

Reporter in the Wind is out today via Gold Mold Records. For more information on Dinner Night visit https://www.instagram.com/_dinnernight/.

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