[PREMIERE] Güero – Mercy

Based out of Sacramento, California, Güero began life as, “whimsical ideas and melodies”, in the mind of vocalist/guitarist Rik Krull. Embracing ideas of collaboration and creativity, the band expanded to their current four-piece line-up before, in 2018, releasing their self-titled debut album. That record was followed by last year’s six-track EP, Hank, a hazy and beautifully expansive experiment in Americana with a distinct West Coast melodic melancholy. Today the band return with their first new material of the year, in the shape of their new single, Mercy.

Discussing the track, Rik has suggested Mercy is, “just about forgiveness. Forgiving yourself, forgiving others and finding the courage to do so”. Musically, it seems to exist in similar territory to bands like Local Natives or The Acorn, a wistful blending of indie and American folk. The track feels delightfully unrushed, as Rik’s reverb-drenched vocal is adorned with a tumbling tom-heavy rhythm, wiry guitar-line and the prominent percussive stab of rich keyboard chords.

A record out of step with any current trends or fads, there’s something pure and honest about the music Güero make. Their love for their craft seems to radiate from all they do, a warm glow of musical adoration and the joy of creativity that is just waiting to be shared between them and anyone who finds the time to lend an ear in their direction.

Mercy is out now via Dutch Records. For more information on Güero visit http://www.guerotheband.com/.

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