[PREMIERE] Breathe Panel – Love You, I Love You

Now splitting their time between Brighton and London, Breathe Panel formed with, “no agenda other than the enjoyment of making music together”. The band took that sense of freedom and enjoyment into their upcoming album, Lets It In, recorded in just five days working with acclaimed producer Ali Chant. With the album due out next month via FatCat Records, today Breathe Panel are premiering the latest track from it, Love You, I Love You.

Photo by Julia Nala

Breathe Panel formed in an East London house that frontman Nick Green and guitarist Josh Tyler shared and the duo set about using music as a method of escapism from the fast pace of the city, as Nick puts it, “a mediation from the mess”. In the case of Love You, I Love You, this manifests as a search for comfort in shared doubts, as Nick explains the track is, “a lighter take on feeling a bit down and worried, so the lyrics cover overthinking and doubting yourself but understanding that it’s what most people go through and finding comfort in that thought”.

The track was written on a day off the band had in the middle of touring, “we set up in our living room, half unplugged, just having fun playing with no expectations and it came together pretty quickly“. The final version maintains that sense of freedom and playfulness and merges them with a rich production, hitting a similarly wistful jangle to bands like Real Estate or Chris Cohen. Particularly excellent is the meandering lead guitar line that snakes through the track, a perfect foil to Nick’s easy vocal delivery. This feels like music from a good place, comforting, outward glancing and ready to heal any listener willing to lend Breathe Panel an ear.

Lets It In is out September 17th via FatCat Records. For more information on Breathe Panel visit https://breathepanel.com/.

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