[VIDEO PREMIERE] th’sheridans – I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered

The musical project of Adam Karenina Sherif and Julia Oertli, th’sheridans have been one of the UK’s most intriguingly DIY bands for the past decade. Celebrating ten years of music-making, and their signature to Reckless Yes Records, the band are gearing up for the September release of their career-spanning retrospective, Pieces Of General. Following their recent single, Awesome Summers & Kate, the band recently shared a re-worked version of their track, I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered, the video for which the band are sharing here today.

Photo by Patrick Cahill

I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered isn’t too much of a deep dive into th’sheridans back catalogue as it was only last year that the duo shared it as a stand-alone single. The track has been around considerably longer though, originally being written in 2016 and its tale of being any sort of ‘other’ in the modern world remains as chillingly relevant as ever. As Adam sings, “If you’re any kind of other, turns out things are just harder. Yes, we each sometimes cry: I don’t wanna be dismembered!“.

The track fittingly starts with a certain weariness, the almost languid Velvet Underground-like chug of the guitar accompanying Adam’s shaking, emotive vocal, “I won’t just sit here and explain How the deck is stacked in so many ways”. From there the track progresses, picking up in both intensity and confidence, questioning ideas of the good old days and how, “talk of making things great again”, is also, “talk of making things white again”. As the song reaches its final line it is striding into a brighter tomorrow, “our best days are yet to come, when these fascist motherfuckers will hardly be remembered”, which proceeds a squalling, clattering instrumental outro, that feels triumphantly like a rocket shooting off into space. Check out the track alongside the excellent comic-book-style video, created by Reckless Yes labelmate Ishani Jasmin of Breakup Haircut, below.

Pieces Of General is out September 10th via Reckless Yes. For more information on th’sherdians visit https://thsheridans.bandcamp.com.

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