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The project of Atlanta-based songwriter Becca Harvey, Girlpuppy became Becca’s sole focus when the coronavirus pandemic forced her out of her job at an East Atlanta bakery. With an abundance of spare time on her hands, Becca found herself able to finish work on the tracks she had originally started putting together a year earlier. The result is the debut Girlpuppy EP, Swan, which was released last week via Royal Mountain Records.

Swan opens with Becca’s recent single, Miniature Furniture, a track named in honour of an art exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago and a summer spent hitting the road, burying the feelings of a difficult break-up in socialising, travelling and doing anything to avoid thinking about relationships. Musically, the track is a beautiful introduction to Girlpuppy’s sound, a fusion of languid indie-guitars and hazy dream-pop atmospheres, all serving as a backing to Becca’s beautifully unhurried vocal line. Elsewhere on the record Cheerleader is more a moody piece that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Phoebe Bridgers record, while the burbling electronic pulse of Hideout demonstrates the EPs impressive musical variety. Perhaps the finest moment is the EP’s penultimate track, As Much As I Can, “a love song to the people in my life that make unconditional love the most difficult“, set to a backing of rapid tumbling guitars in the vein of Amber Arcades or Alvvays. These are early days for Girlpuppy, a five-song EP that’s finding its place in the musical landscape, yet the potential is boundless, for Girlpuppy the future could take her as far as her imagination allows.

They Say…

Photo & Header Photo by Brandon McClain

FTR: For those who don’t know who are Girlpuppy?

Girlpuppy is me, Becca Harvey. I sing and write songs and collaborate with producers to make my music. 

FTR: What is your earliest musical memory?

Probably trying to teach myself how to play “I Miss You” by Hannah Montana on my brother’s guitar when I was 8. I would just strum random strings and sing along as if it sounded anything like the original song at all lol. The first song I actually learned on guitar was Untouchable by Taylor Swift. 

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

I make music because I love singing. It’s my favorite thing in the entire world to do. I love writing too, so it’s so awesome to me that I’m able to journal, but also, like, sing my journal? if that makes sense. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. 

FTR: What can people expect from the Girlpuppy live show?

People can expect an amazing band, my band mates are some of the best musicians I know!! We want to stay super true to the recordings and I really want to entertain whoever comes out to my shows even though most of my songs are sorta sad, I just want people to have fun and feel the music!! 

FTR: What’s next for Girlpuppy?

Lots of touring! I’m playing Riot Fest in Chicago September 17th and then I’m hitting the road with The Districts starting October 14th. Then will start working on my first album. 

They Listen To…

Caroline Polachek – Look At Me Now

Samia – As You Are

Clairo – Amoeba

BRONCHO – Friends

Radiohead – House Of Cards

Swan is out August 20th via Royal Mountain Records. For more information on Girlpuppy visit

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