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We Say…

Hailing from the musical hotbed of Glasgow, Poster Paints are the duo of Carla J. Easton and Simon Liddel. The pair initially met through a shared connection to The Vaselines, an inevitable coming together of two of Scotland’s most prolific musicians. Carla has previously released music both under her own name and with the band Teen Canteen, as well as writing for Belle & Sebastian, while Simon was a member of Frightened Rabbit as well as releasing his own music with Olympic Swimmers. Although a global pandemic has meant their debut shows have only just been booked in for this October, they’ve already had plenty of support for debut single, Number 1, which garnered a plethora of praise from music bloggers and Radio DJs alike. The band recently returned with their second single, Never Saw It Coming, out now via Olive Grove Records.

Listening to the music Poster Paints make, it almost feels as if it’s emerging from two different worlds. There’s a classic 90’s indie-pop feel, Carla’s vocals sweet and soaring, like the perfect middle ground of The Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser and Camera Obscura’s Traceyanne Campbell. Yet in contrast to the lush harmonies, there’s also a clattering quality to the pounding rhythms and shoegazing guitars, jet-black treacle to the melodic lightness that sits atop. While these two musical worlds might not be obvious musical bed-fellows, what makes it work is the pairs clear adoration for the music that inspires them, it’s the sound of teenage years flooding back, channelling all the passion and joy that music brought them and turning it into a musical world entirely of their own creation. Most exciting of all they’re only just getting started, from the sound of it this Poster Paints composition might just be the match of any oil painting, watercolour or whatever artistic medium you fancy.

They Say…

Photo by Kat Gollock

FTR: For those who don’t know who are Poster Paints?

Two friends introduced to each other via The Vaselines. Both of us have been making music for a while and, somewhat inevitably, our paths crossed. We wrote a song together at the very beginning of 2020 prior to the pandemic fully taking hold and it became the catalyst for writing more songs. Poster Paints emerged from that process. I guess you could call it a happy accident. Si had sent me a track to record some vocals on. I misunderstood what he was asking me to do and wrote an entire song over the track and sent it back. We were working remotely before that was a neccessary way to collaborate and co-write together.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

We haven’t played a show together yet. We only very recently have been in the same room as each other performing these songs as the whole album was written and recorded remotely. All our ‘firsts’ have still to happen. It’s exciting.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

I’m not sure why. I went to art school but since graduating from Glasgow School of Art it’s been music that has been my creative output. When I’m not making music I get really low. Maybe I just have to! It’s just always been a big part of my life. Making mixtapes for friends, hunting down obscure vinyl or DJing at art school – eventually that evolved into creating music.

FTR: What can people expect from the Poster Paints live show?

I have absolutely no idea! It’s amazing to finally get into a rehearsal space and see these songs come to life and bring friends in with us to do that. I love translating a recording into a live experience. For me it’s the best part of a song’s journey. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on ,over the last year, with a live music community. It sounds big.

FTR: What’s next for Poster Paints?

We’re about to join Teenage Fanclub on the Scottish dates of their tour. I can’t wait. We both really love this band a lot so it’s amazing to open for them. We’re finishing mixing on an album’s worth of songs but are still writing more. I’m just so happy we can play live and I think we both really want to do that as much as possible whilst we can.

They Listen To…

Low – Days Like These

Life Without Buildings – Is Is and the IRS (Live)

Teenage Fanclub – The Sun Won’t Shine On Me

NewDad – I Don’t Recognise You

Tangled Shoelaces – Turn My Dial

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