[PREMIERE] Plain Mister Smith – Aliens Come Calling

The story of Plain Mister Smith goes that Mark Jowett woke up and found himself confronted by a man in a pin-striped suit with a globular head. Was he a freak stranger, a ghost, or (arguably most likely) an exemplification of one of his own musical personas? Like a more worldly version of Frank Sidebottom, Plain Mister Smith is unusual, yet thankfully has the songs to back that up. With plans for the release of his self-titled EP, at the start of October, today Plain Mister Smith is sharing his new single, Aliens Come Calling.

The track opens with an urgent strum of acoustic guitar, with a touch of Elliott Smith, before the crashing drums and easy vocals take the track off somewhere entirely different. Living up to its name the track seems to have a certain celestial quality, bringing to mind the likes of The Beta Band or The Reindeer Section in its processed pop perfection. Read on for Plain Mister Smith’s thoughts on the inspiration behind the song, and then check it out below.

“We literally don’t have a clue what will happen when we actually meet Aliens.  Will they be friendly or wipe us all out with an alien magic spell? Who knows! Aliens Comes Calling explores some of the possibilities – perhaps they’ll be smarter than us or made with ectoplasm or maybe they love collective singing and we’ll survive by singing a world-wide mantra with them.  Maybe they’ll want to take humanity up in their mega spaceships to show us where they’re from? The possibilities are endless and Plain Mister Smith explores a few of them in “When Aliens Come Calling.”

Plain Mister Smith

Plain Mister Smith EP is out October 8th. For more information on Plain Mister Smith visit https://www.facebook.com/PlainMistersmith/.

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