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Photo by Guro Sommer

Hailing from Oslo, FLTY BRGR GRL are the duo of Beatrix and Sarah, who in their own words are influenced by, “60s vibes, crushes and burgers”. Beatrix dreamt up the band after being confronted by a particularly great, greasy burger on a trip to California, and recruited Sarah after the pair met at a summer camp and bonded over stories of unrequited love. After a series of well-received singles, the band recently released their debut album, Love You Forever, produced by Richard Lorentz Johansen at Das Kirurg in Oslo.

Across Love You Forever’s nine tracks, FLTY BRGR GRL explore a series of crushes, from the giggle-inducing to the outright heartbreaking, the songs tied together by tenderness and the crazy obsession inducing power of love. The album opens in suitably lovestruck fashion, with Crazy, where coming across like Dream Wife’s more downbeat sibling, FLTY BRGR GRL ask the question we’ve all wondered at some point, “am I worth your thought? Or are you over this now?” Elsewhere previous singles Be My Boy adds a deliciously prominent bass-line and sing-speak vocals reminiscent of Life Without Buildings or CSS, while the fabulous Slowdance is an atmospheric slice of dream-pop reminiscent of the Scandinavian sounds of Holy Now or Kindsight. Possibly the record’s finest moment is the recent single, Sweet Boy, which brings a more angular, distorted vibe with the joyous thrash of Best Coast or Hinds. By the time the album rolls around to the closing track No More, with its brilliant shoegaze strut, you feel like you’ve been through the relationship ringer with FLY BRGR GRL, the highs, the lows and the crushing insecurities that come in all the in-betweens. In FLTY BRGR GRL’s capable hands, youth and young romance sound as painful, difficult and entirely thrilling as ever, and for the generation living through it, they might just have found their perfect soundtrack.

They Say…

FTR: For those who don’t know who are FLTY BRGR GRL?

We are Beatrix (bass, vocals) and Sarah (guitar, backing vocals). We make cute and creepy songs about all our crushes who often don’t like us back. We love the colour pink, we are super inspired by riot grrrls and our music has a 60s, beachy and playful vibe.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

Our first show was supposed to be at a radio-festival in Oslo. However, lockdown happened two days before the show. We couldn’t let that stop us. So, we contacted our favorite burger shop “Munchies” and they were stoked to hear that we wanted to do a livestream from their shop. While people watched us play from the comfort of their homes, they could also get a FLTY BRGR GRL-burger menu home delivered. It felt super weird, this was not only our first show as FBG ever, but also our first livestream, but we were also excited, and so happy that we had each other by our side. It kind of felt empowering that we didn’t give up and just went for it.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

We are both very creative, and into other stuff like writing stories and poems, but everything is different when it comes to music. It’s what comes naturally to us as a way of expressing ourselves. When we’re making songs we get into this flow, we forget about the outside world, and just immerse ourselves in teenage heartache emotions. What’s fun with music is that you have the different elements, you have the lyrics, but you also have the melodies and the instruments to set the tone and to tell a story.

FTR: What can people expect from the FLTY BRGR GRL live show?

You can expect a pink, playful and fun show with lovey dovey vibes, and hopefully when you leave you feel butterflies in your stomach.

FTR: What’s next for FLTY BRGR GRL?

After the release of our debut album “Love You Forever” we’re hoping to do a bunch of concerts. In time we might even be able to do tours. It would be super cool to be able to travel and meet all the wonderful music lovers who are around the world, and just, you know, connect. And of course, we’re going to make more heart break songs – unless we end up finding the love of our lives, buying a house with picket fence, having two kids and a dog. Please, never let that happen.

They Listen To…

Photo by Guro Sommer

U.S. Girls – L-Over

ESG – My Love For You

Japanese Breakfast – Everybody Wants to Love You

The Concretes – You Can’t Hurry Love

Soko – First Love Never Dies

Love You Forever is out now. For more information on FLTY BRGR GRL visit

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