[PREMIERE] pondhopper – Fall Apart

Although originally from Northern Wisconsin, pondhopper’s latest material was both written and recorded in the house the trio share in Los Angeles. After emerging back in the spring with their debut single Sapling, the band followed up in August with the excellent So So. While we’re all still awaiting details of the band’s first longer format release, today they’re premiering their latest single, Fall Apart.

Photo & Header Photo by Monica Suriyage

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, pondhopper suggest Fall Apart is, “about how certain things like a song can bring up sad memories and how those things seem to present themselves more frequently when they are unwanted”. The song is littered with memories, emotions triggered by seemingly insignificant moments that make your mind run wild, as they sing, “it’s coming up on shuffle far too frequently for the algorithm to be functioning, every time I hear that track I get teary-eyed and I fall apart”.

Musically, the track is a slice of indie-folk, pitched somewhere between the wistful acoustic explorations of Angelo De Augustine and the luxurious West-Coast pop of Whitney. The track begins with a series of muted, chunky acoustic guitar chords before flourishes of tumbling piano notes and the easy vocal melody take the whole thing towards entirely dreamier territory. It’s very early days for pondhopper, yet there’s enough here to suggest they’re onto something that’s going to be well worth keeping an ear on in the weeks and months to come.

Fall Apart is out today. For more information on pondhopper visit https://www.facebook.com/pondhopperband.

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