[PREMIERE] Laura Lucas – Lost And Found

Originally from Canada, it was in the distinctly different setting of Melbourne, Australia where Laura Lucas found the inspiration for her latest forays into the world of music. It was while living in Australia’s largest city that she rediscovered a passion for songwriting, and crucially for sharing them with the world. After years of writing just for her own ears, she decided to take the songs to producer Garret Kato in his home of Byron Bay and record them for the world to hear. With plans to release an EP, Light The Candle, Hold The Mirror, early next year, today Laura is sharing the latest track from it, Lost And Found.

Photo & Header Photo by Carly Boomer

Lost And Found is a track that ties into Melbourne life as Laura explains, “Lost And Found is about finding yourself in a city that feels like home for the first time”. Despite it’s Antipodean-influences, the track was actually recorded in the in-between space between Canada and Australia, Laura recording remotely from her bedroom in Winnipeg and Garret’s base in Byron Bay. Musically, the track is a distinctly modern take on the acoustic folk genre, coming across like the middle ground of Emmy The Great and Phoebe Bridgers.

Ultimately Lost And Found is a celebration of connection, of finding a place in the world that feels not just like home, but like an extension of the people we are, as Laura sings, “when the plane touched ground it felt like coming home”. While border restrictions might be preventing Laura from getting there right now, when the world starts to spin Melbourne will be there waiting for her with open arms. It is a nice thought, that maybe there’s a city out there waiting for all of us, a home away from home, a place where, like Laura Lucas in Melbourne, we can truly start to flourish.

Light The Candle, Hold The Mirror will be released in 2022. For more information on Laura Lucas visit lauralucasmusic.com

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