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We Say…

Based out of New York, Annie Blackman has been sharing her music with the world since she was a teenager, writing songs that attempt to, “bridge the gap between the head and the heart and untangle what it means to want”. Working with Father/Daughter Records, 2021 has seen Annie drip-feed her music to the world through a series of singles, the latest of which, How, came out last week.

Annie has described herself as, “a compulsive archivist”, mining her diaries and the “hallowed ground”, of the notes application on her iPhone, as sources of inspiration for her deeply personal songwriting. From those humble beginnings, Annie’s songs blossom into something rather magical, her composed vocal adorned with gorgeous production courtesy of long-term collaborator Evan Rasch. How is, in many ways, a perfect introduction to Annie Blackman’s world, a largely acoustic number, with her plaintive vocal lamenting the end of a relationship, as she sings, “lean into lonely, lean into loss, like I could have loved you I swear to god”. The track follows on the heels of Glass House, a gorgeous wash of shimmering guitars and marching drums, that reflects on the insecurity of being in a relationship where you never know where you stand. Elsewhere, Glitch is a punchier affair, nodding to the likes of Diet Cig, while Souvenir is a beautifully intimate piece of indie-folk, that reflects on falling back into old habits when you hit your lowest ebbs. Taken as a whole, this collection of stand-alone moments feel like a thrilling new chapter in the Annie Blackman story, a new voice making her mark on the musical landscape and quickly becoming a musician who should be on everyone’s radar.

They Say…

Photo by Daniel Dorsa

FTR: For those who don’t know who is Annie Blackman?

Right now, Annie Blackman is me writing and singing songs and then enlisting the production help of my trusted, talented friend Evan Rasch. For a long time the songs were just my voice and my acoustic guitar, so it’s been really cool getting to fill them out a bit more and develop my sound in the process.   

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

My first show was the summer before I left for college. It took place in a grassy amphitheater on my high school campus. The month before, I’d shared my songs online for the first time, so everything with music felt new. During the performance,  my hands were shaking like crazy, but all of my friends came to watch and sang along and I was really so happy. It was especially meaningful as we were all getting ready to say goodbye to each other before starting freshman year. Afterwards, I drank a limited-edition crystal Pepsi and went to a party at my friend Izzi’s house. It was a great night. 

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

I make music because it’s all of my favorite things to do happening at once. I started getting into musical theater, Taylor Swift, and guitar around the same time (as one does) and songwriting suddenly made so much sense. I just wanted to/still want to tell stories and sing. But I don’t feel limited to music as my one art form. I’ve always loved drawing and painting. Like, my most recent music video is a sequence of little oil paintings I’d done to correspond with the lyrics of my song, “Seeds.” 

FTR: What can people expect from the Annie Blackman live show? 

Right now, the Annie Blackman live show is just me and my guitar! I’m new to Brooklyn, and my collaborator, Evan, is in LA, so I don’t really have any type of band situation. I can’t tell if being alone on stage makes me more nervous or less nervous. People can expect some stunted crowd work, as I’ve never been great at stage banter, but I have one joke that I’ve been practicing in the mirror. We’ll see how that goes.

FTR: What’s next for Annie Blackman?

More songs and more shows. Some music videos too. And then more writing. Maybe some more consistent posting on Tik Tok. A vlog or two if I’m feeling annoying. Who’s to say? 

They Listen To…

Muna – Silk Chiffon

Obviously this song is amazing and I can’t stop listening to it. Great for strutting around town.

Remi Wolf – Grumpy Old Man

I think Remi Wolf is so fun and cool. This song slaps and it’s also funny.

Katy Kirby – Portals

Katy Kirby’s “Cool Dry Place” is a perfect album, and this is just one of the perfect ones. Lately I’ve enjoyed playing it on guitar, too.

Rufus Wainwright – Poses

Classic. Sad, happy, good.

Drake – Pipe Down

My roommate is obsessed with Drake and this song is always playing in my house, so it’s going on here for good measure.

How is out now via Father/Daughter Records. For more information on Annie Blackman visit

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