[PREMIERE] Sister Wives and Tacsidermi – A Oes Heddwch

There’s always a great joy in the power of a proper collaboration, two linked but separate entities coming together to create something that simultaneously thrives in its own right, while also shining a new light on the individual parts that created it. That is very much the case with O Fy Nghof / A Oes Heddwch, the new double A-side single from two bi-lingual Libertino Records signed bands, Sheffield based four-piece Sister Wives and Tacsidermi, who feature multi-instrumentalist Matthew Kilgariff and Gwenllian Anthony from the Welsh Music Prize winning band Adwaith. With the record set for release both digitally and on a lathe-cut vinyl on December 17th, today the bands are sharing the first of the two tracks, A Oes Heddwch.

Photo by Sam Stevens / Siôn Rees

Working from their respective bases in Sheffield and Carmarthenshire, both bands wrote the back-bone of a song independently, before sending their offering to the other and adding lyrics and melody to the other’s composition. In the case of A Oes Heddwch, it was Tacsidermi who added the lyrics, as they recall it touches on the darker side of life, “the song is about facing an armageddon and the panic of not knowing what to do in your final hours“. Even though it doesn’t offer a solution, the song does reach a conclusion of sorts, “there’s no use hiding from the inevitable. There’s no use trying to find peace. You must deal with the consequences of your actions”.

Musically, the track is as foreboding as its lyrics might suggest, as lithe, almost jazzy drum rhythms punctuate a wall of bass, psych-influenced keyboards and the swirling, velvet-smooth vocal harmonies. These two bands are making a splash with their distinctly modern interpretations on the worlds of psych, post-punk and pretty much any other genre they fancy turning their hand to, and this collaboration serves as a perfect introduction to both. This is an invitation to these two bands’ musical worlds, two ethers entwined but distinct, beautifully unique, perfectly balanced and ready for us all to head out and explore.

O Fy Nghof / A Oes Heddwch is out December 17th via Libertino Records. For more information on Sister Wives visit https://linktr.ee/sisterwivessisterwives, for more information on Tacsidermi visit https://twitter.com/tacsidermi.

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