[PREMIERE] Lloyd’s House – Talking

Lloyd’s House, the Glasgow based bedroom pop-project of Lloyd Ledingham, last featured on these pages back in February around the release of the debut EP, We Could Be Friends. Lloyd spent the first half of this year recording in various bedrooms resulting in the self-titled Lloyd’s House album, a record described as their, “most directed and autonomous work yet”. Ahead of the release, Lloyd is premiering the latest track from the record, Talking.

Photo & Header Photo by Mirrin Hegharty

Lloyd’s House cites some of the greats of sad-core as influences, referencing the likes of Elvis Depressedly and Alex G as major inspirations on the record’s sound. This is evident on Talking, the album’s crushing centre-piece, where Lloyd hits similarly downbeat highs. The track builds around the steady drive of the muted bass-guitar, adorned with fuzzy keys and twitchy electronic pulses that punctuate the song like tiny static fireworks. Atop it all sits Lloyd’s intimate, softly-spoken vocal, the hushed delivery at odds with the lyrics dramatic melancholy, “what’s left of you I must erase, the only thing that’s left to crush, is the world that’s you my crush”.

Without losing sight of what made Lloyd’s House such an intriguing prospect in the first place, this feels like a step towards gentle progress, a slide towards newer, perhaps more accessible ground, a place where a lot of people might just fall for this talented musician’s unquestionable charms.

Lloyd’s House self-titled debut album is out December 3rd via Corkscrew Records. For more information on Lloyd’s House visit https://lloydshouse.bandcamp.com/

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