[VIDEO PREMIERE] Veronica Everheart – Time And Time Again

A musician based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Veronica Everheart caught my ear last year with a pair of excellent singles, Sour and Antiquity. Exploring themes of heartache via sounds of indie-pop and a somewhat cutting lyrical wit, they marked Veronica out a special songwriting talent. At the start of this month, Veronica shared her latest offering, Time And Time Again, the accompanying video for which she’s premiering here today.

Fittingly written off the back of a guitar-loop Veronica created, Time And Time Again is a song of stagnation and routine, feeling apathetic towards your current situation and, “the pattern of emotional upheaval I was in”. Musically, the track is Veronica at her most overtly dreamy, the looping guitar adorned with almost Bossa Nova-like bleeps and beats. The result is a sound that swirls around your brain, reaching into the recesses of your mind and pulling out nostalgic memories of good times, as Veronica questions if they’re ever coming back, “hard to find the joy in the small things, but you seem to like it when I say I love you”.

The accompanying video is equally nostalgic, from the opening cassette recorder through to the heart-shaped land-line phone and disco ball combo, the whole thing seems like it’s beaming live from Veronica’s basement. Check it out below.

Time And Time Again is out now. For more information on Veronica Everheart visit https://www.veronicaeverheart.com/.

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