[VIDEO PREMIERE] Caitlin Cobb-Vialet – Ask Me

A songwriter based out of San Francisco, Caitlin Cobb-Vialet grew up as the oldest of eight siblings and step-siblings and the daughter of two mums and two step-mums. Serving as an example for her creative gaggle of siblings, Caitlin attended the Playwrights Horizons Theater School at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. There she found the encouragement to, “be a well-rounded artist”, rather than simply an actor. It was there Caitlin took to composition, expanding on a love of musical theatre and abstract art, and it was as a songwriter she caught the ear of the acclaimed producer Jim Greer, who helped Caitlin bring her upcoming debut album, Endless Void to life. Today Caitlin is premiering the video that accompanies the first single from the record, Ask Me.

Photo by Linda Ruth // Header Photo by Dawn Lu

The song finds Caitlin at her beloved piano, reminiscent of early Regina Spektor, as she plucks out rich chords to accompany her soaring, heartfelt vocals. Caitlin has described the track as, “inspired by the newfound feeling of safeness and understanding that I felt in my first queer relationship”. Even if that feeling of closeness, described beautifully throughout the track, “I want to be known by you, oh I love to be known”, is punctuated by the feeling that this love is ultimately fleeting, as she concludes, “what I should have known, even in love, you’re still alone”.

The accompanying video taps into the same sense of almost claustrophobic intimacy, shots of Caitlin at the piano in her own home, accompanied by details of the life she’s made there, the artwork hinting at the creative streak she is learning to harness into something magical. Jim Greer has spoken of this song as, “almost like an origin story”, an introduction to the musician Caitlin is, and most excitingly of all, a sense of where she could go next, for Caitlin Cobb-Vialet the sky is truly the only limit.

Endless Void is out May 6th via War Chant Records. For more information on Caitlin Cobb-Vialet visit https://caitlincobbvialet.bandcamp.com/.

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