[PREMIERE] Bastien – Empty House

Formed one week prior to the first national lockdown, Bastien have been through a lot for such a new band. They spent their first year writing remotely, swapping ideas over email as they worked out their common influences and inspirations. Having played our gig night back in February, today the band are premiering their debut single, Empty House.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, songwriter Seb suggests the song serves as, “a kind of reminder of how far I had come in my battle with social anxiety”. The track reflects on Seb’s journey of learning to cope with social anxiety, and the importance of remembering how tough it once was, “sometimes you don’t want to think about how terrifying life used to seem when things are going ok, but I felt it was important to take stock of how my life used to look – small and scary – and compare it to how it is now – wider and more positive”.

This contemplative message is mirrored in the song’s nostalgic sound, the steady rhythms and jangling guitars instantly taking the mind back to the early 1990s and bands like Teenage Fanclub or The Field Mice. Empty House is a track where the little details really shine, whether it’s the gorgeous Fanfarlo-like trumpet lines, or Seb’s ornate vocal delivery, recalling the likes of Scott Walker or Neil Hannon as he sings, “perhaps you know, like I knew. Little choices make a mark whether you want to, they’re harder to shake than you think”. A polished and poised introduction to the world, Bastien’s music might tip a cap to music’s past, yet with songwriting this timeless, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they find plenty of admirers in the here and now.

Empty House is out April 1st. For more information on Bastien visit https://linktr.ee/Bastienband.

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