[PREMIERE] Helen Ganya – Haze/Revolution

Previously working under the Dog In The Snow moniker, the world last heard Helen Ganya back in 2019, when she released her first album on the Bella Union label, Vanishing Lands. Created in the darker spaces between dream-pop, art-rock and electronica, the album introduced the Brighton-based songwriter to a wider audience as she explored the recesses of her monochromatic dreams. Returning under her own name, today marks the release of Helen’s new EP, Heart to Heart Mirage, an accompaniment and introduction to her next record exploring similar imagery and themes but standing alone as a piece in its own right. Celebrating the release, Helen is also premiering a new video to the record’s second track, Haze/Resolution.

Photo & Header Photo by Ruby Taylor

Discussing Haze/Resolution, Helen explains the track, “explores what counts as meaningful (or meaningless) in such non-material and divided times”. The track also provides the EPs title, Heart To Heart Mirage, “a line that I felt thematically connected all four songs together. Exploring that liminal space of understanding (or trying to understand) between yourself and another“.

Musically, the track is something of a sonic departure, channelling the like of St Vincent or Animal Collective as it fuses pounding percussion with searing guitars and half-chanted vocal melodies as Helen ominously declares, “a revolution in my own head”. Particularly wonderful is what sounds like a distorted bass-saxophone, a heavy blast of gorgeous physical texture that emerges and falls back throughout. A beautiful aside on the way to Helen Ganya’s next direction, Heart to Heat Mirage is equally a celebration in its own right, a beautiful moment for a songwriter with the world at her feet.

Heart To Heart Mirage is out now via Bella Union. For more information on Helen Ganya visit https://helenganya.com/.

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