[PREMIERE] Frank Meadows – Everybody’s Birthday

Originally from North Carolina, and now based out of Brooklyn, Frank Meadows is a decade-long veteran of the east coast independent music world. Frank is a frequent collaborator, touring and recording with the likes of Tomberlin, Bellows and Friendship’s Michael Cormier, as well as being the label head of the fabulous Dear Life Records. As well as his work with others, Frank’s solo output has spanned everything from improvised double bass performances, instrumental vignettes and home-recorded song-a-day projects, although up until now has not included a full album. That’s going to change next month when Frank teams up with Ruination Record Co. for the release of his debut long-player, Dead Weight, and today he’s premiering the latest single from it, Everybody’s Birthday.

Photo by Felix Walworth

The opening track on Dead Weight, Everybody’s Birthday is a perfect scene-setter, the almost acapella intro giving way to prominent piano flourishes, electric guitar and the propulsive qualities of the double bass. Particularly wonderful is the instrumental breakdown towards the song’s close, the guitar leaping to the fore as it picks out a country-licked lead line that wouldn’t sound out of place on a record by Lambchop or Hiss Golden Messenger.

Although based out of Brooklyn for five years now, it is clear that Frank’s roots in the North Carolina scene remain a key influence, the record fizzing with Southern-states twang and the collaborative playing Frank learnt so much about throwing himself into his home states scene. That collaborative thread plays out not just in the music but the lyrics too as he sings, “it’s better to worry about other people than to worry about what they think”, before throwing his wallet wide to wish everyone the best for the year ahead, “this whole rounds on me”. With wishes every bit as warm as its gorgeous production, Everybody’s Birthday is a record worth throwing a party for, now somebody cut the cake already.

Dead Weight is out July 1st via Ruination Record Co. For more information on Frank Meadows visit https://frankmeadows.bandcamp.com/.

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