[PREMIERE] Jane Doe Ensemble – Single Bullet

A trio based out of New York, Jane Doe Ensemble formed back in 2016 shortly after that year’s US elections, aiming to channel a sense of, “perseverance and expression in the face of a lamentable world”. The band last appeared on these pages back in 2020 with their excellent single Respect. Last weekend, The Janes, aka Efrem Czajkowski, Wren Krisztin, and Aaron Batley, released their debut album, The Corruption Of What Cheer? To mark the occasion today the band are sharing the video which accompanies one of the record’s finest moments, Single Bullet.

Photo & Header Photo by Kate Hoos

Jane Doe Ensemble have always been a band with eclectic taste, as likely to nod to 1970’s punk as they are to contemporary electronica and the avant-garde. Single Bullet is no different, with rattling guitar chords and buzzing keyboards to the fore, it seems to track a lineage from Sonic Youth through to Fugazi and lo-fi contemporaries like Drahla or Primitive Parts.

Listening To The Corruption Of What Cheer? it’s clear just how far Jane Doe Ensemble have come, a band that seem to have spent the quiet of the last two years developing as musicians. Whether it was late-night recording sessions, meticulous and ambitious remote mixing, or phone calls across state lines, the band have made the most of the world in which their record was crafted. They were always an intriguing prospect, now they’re coming good, inviting you into their world of expression and emotion, creating a place for thoughtfulness and creativity in a world that sometimes seems like it doesn’t have the time for either.

The Corruption Of What Cheer? is out now. For more information on Jane Doe Ensemble visit https://janedoeensemble.bandcamp.com/.

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