[PREMIERE] Daisies – Goin In Circles

Based out of Olympia, Washington, Daisies first appeared in 2019 with their debut album, What Are You Waiting For? Since then they’ve released a slew of excellent, vastly underrated records, culminating in 2021’s Sour Melody. After an unusually long gap for these prolific musical mavericks, they’re set to return this May with their latest offering, Great Big Open Sky, a co-release presented by K and Perennial. Ahead of the release, today the band are premiering the newest track from the record, Goin In Circles.

Daisies are a band that thrive by existing between styles, they’re equally as likely to take influence from an obscure techno track as a top forty pop song, and wouldn’t think of anything of shoving those two influences together in one song. On Goin’ In Circles, they’re as delightfully difficult to pin down as ever, sounding sort of like All Saints making a trip-hop record with Ravi Shankar, and somehow making that not sound not only just not terrible but actually really quite fantastic.

This is the sort of music you hope will come from the internet’s ability to cross-pollinate genres like never before, music that brings the alternative and pop kids together in a place they can both feel mutually challenged and entertained. Will this be the moment Daisies break out of the Olympia underground and become the biggest band on the planet? Probably not, but if there’s an alternative reality where that does happen, well it’s got to be the timeline for me.

Great Big Open Sky is out April 12th via K Records/Perennial Records. For more information on Daisies visit https://daisies.bandcamp.com/.

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