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A Day Without Love is a vehicle for the genre-spanning musical styles of Philadelphia native, Brian Walker. The project took shape back in 2013 and was born out of experiencing 19 days of homelessness due to Hurricane Sandy, an event which inspired Brian to, “rise above adversity”, and share his story with the world. He’s spent the subsequent years getting out and about across America, doing the stuff all bands do, touring, recording, releasing records, and simultaneously fostering musical connections, fundraising, skill-sharing and generally going above and beyond. Across a multitude of EPs, albums and singles, he’s turned his hand to everything from EDM to Jazz and emo to blues. His latest offering is a four-track EP of DIY-influenced punk, Tour Is Not A Road Trip, which will form part of a longer album, A Stranger That You Met Before which will be released in October via Ur Mom Records.

A record, about “living a life as a touring musician”, Tour Is Not A Road Trip is a celebration of DIY communities, the art-life balance and the highs and lows of being a truly independent artist. The record opens with the especially wonderful, DIY Or Die, an anthem for grassroots musicians that is both a warning not to chase wealth and fame, and a love song to the DIY communities worth far more than the corporate buck, “I sing in houses and you sing for corporate, I know that one of us sucks, I can say and do what I want, DIY or die for me”. Elsewhere Caffeine is a Jeffrey Lewis-like clatter-punk ode to coffee, as yelping vocals frenetically compare caffeine in the vines to petrol in a tour bus, while Home on the Highway is a song of two halves, starting off a slow-meander reminiscent of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, before taking an about-turn into a snarling punk song that Joyce Manor would be proud of. Another highlight is Show Friends, a love song to all the couches, home-cooked dinners and kind strangers Brian has met along the way, as he sings, “everywhere I go I make new friends, everywhere I go I learn a lesson” over a backing of Oceanator-like guitar and rapid-fire drum splatter. Fittingly enough a record about hitting the road will see A Day Without Love head out on tour once more, and if it’s sounding this good, those DIY venues he’s playing in might just keep growing and growing.

They Say…

Photo by Bill Streicher // Header Photo by Paulina McGrath

FTR: For those who don’t know who is A Day Without Love?

A Day Without Love is the singer-songwriter project of Brian Walker, an African American Philly native, and Greater Boston resident. Walker aspires to have a rotating cast of musicians has bandmates to create a diverse sonic catalogue of songs about mental health, substance recovery, social inequities and finding gratitude in the experiences of being alive. ADWL has toured across 42 states, 90 cities and has a large catalogue of music, podcasts, and documentaries. ADWL will be playing in Stoopfest 2023 this spring.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

My first show was pretty traumatic and made me feel pretty isolated, it took about 2 to 3 years before I started playing shows that made me feel comfortable. Starting out in Philly took some time to feel like I fit in.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

I play music to inspire myself and others who are having troubles navigating their own life. I wrote this EP for musicians struggling to take a risk to start touring or put themselves out there. I wrote my last record, Mega Jawn to challenge myself to be more collaborative. The intent of ADWL is to motivate, inspire, rise above and discipline myself through my own limitations creatively and inspire others to do the same. I don’t do other art forms because they are not as pleasing to me.

FTR: What can people expect from the A Day Without Love live show?

For most shows, you can expect sing-alongs, jokes, and inspirational content, I am currently building a band and I would say with the band you can expect an indie rock/ shoegaze experience with dancing and sing-alongs.

FTR: What’s next for A Day Without Love?

I have two spring tours in April and May, a full band debut and will be releasing a full band album via Ur Mom Records this fall.

They Listen To…

Joy Again – Looking Out For You

Mannequin Pussy – Romantic

Ovlov – The Great Crocodile

Molly Compton – Please Don’t Show My Mom This

Cafuné – Tek It

Tour is Not a Road Trip is out now via Ur Mom Records, with A Stranger That You Met Before set to follow in October. For more information on A Day Without Love visit

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