[PREMIERE] Bridey – Her

After growing up in San Diego, Bridey really began to take music seriously after relocating to Chicago to attend a comedy film school in 2017. After finding her feet in the supportive scene of Illinois’ biggest city, Bridey recently made the decision to return to California. With plans for a new EP, Arena Rock Appetiser, recorded with Michael Mac, producer and touring bandmate for Mia Joy, set for release via Anxiety Blanket Records this summer, today Bridey is premiering the first taster from it, Her.

Photo by Christian Heinzel // Header Photo by Lex Stein

In Bridey’s own words, Her, “flew out of me when my niece was born”. The first verse was written prior to the event, a time when Bridey was dealing with, “winter in Chicago”, and feeling, “lonely, uninspired, and isolated”. As Bridey’s sister gave birth, she went straight into a caring role, “I took a month off and flew back home to help my sister with her pre and postpartum, and the rest of the song wrote itself after a few weeks of caring for both of them. It was intense and tiring and so cool. I even bought a book about becoming a doula, but I never finished it. Maybe one day.”

Musically, the song channels the spirit of Julia Jacklin or Lucy Dacus, all loose thrashing guitars and steady, driving drums. Atop it all shines Bridey’s impassioned vocals, “the dark, isn’t dark if you’ve got a light in your pocket”. At a time when many of us felt strangely alone, Bridey found a deeper connection, a moment of light on a dark day that suggests Bridey is onto something truly special.

Arena Rock Appetiser is out June 23rd via Anxiety Blanket Records. For more information on Bridey visit http://www.brideymusic.com/.

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