[VIDEO PREMIERE] Tape Runs Out – Ark

Hailing from Cambridge, Tape Runs Out are a six-strong band based around the songwriting of band leader and vocalist, Liam Goodrum-Bell. The band recently teamed up with Trapped Animal Records to release their debut album, Floodhead. The record was crafted over the course of a year in the studio of guitarist Dan Dawson, the record’s long gestation giving them time to experiment with sonic textures and painstakingly form each track into its part of the album as a whole. Celebrating the album’s release, today the band are sharing the accompanying video to the second track, Ark.

Photo by Suzi Corker

Based around a demo originally created by bassist Takeshi Kanemoto, Ark was in the band’s own words, “adopted and fed a fine diet of self-doubt and self-loathing”. Building initially from an acoustic guitar line that wouldn’t sound of place on Midlake’s Bamnan and Silvercork record, from there the track swells with the addition of Ellie Winter’s beautiful sounding hammered dulcimer, layered vocals and the electric guitars that grow intensity with the lyrics as Liam sings, “I guess I’m fun, I guess I’m fun, fundamentally out of sync with everyone, I guess I’m free, I guess I’m free, I guess I’m freaking out”.

The accompanying video finds Liam front-and-centre, like a bedroom Youtuber or TikTok star, only instead of a plain backdrop, we see snapshots of the rest of the band just going about their day, whether playing along to the track, thinking about the next move in a chess game or suddenly appearing over his shoulder claiming their moment in the light. Check it out below

Floodhead is out now via Trapped Animal Records. For more information on Tape Runs Out visit http://www.taperunsout.co.uk/

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