End Of The Road Special – The Playlist

Excited about End Of The Road yet? If yesterday’s words on our top picks of the weekend peaked your interest, today’s audio-visual spectacular should have you sashaying all the way down to Dorset.

Whether you’re lucky enough to be joining us down at Larmer Tree Gardens or not, why not take 73 minutes off, slip on some headphones and listen to what the good people of End Of The Road have got to offer. You might not be so stupid as to not buy a ticket next year?!

1. St Vincent – Birth In Reverse
2. The Wave Pictures – Red Cloud Road (Part 2)
3. The Gene Clark No Other Band ft. Hamilton Leithauser – Lady Of The North
4. Three Trapped Tigers – Reset
5. The Wytches – Wire Framed Mattress
6. Arc Iris – Canadian Cowboy
7. The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize??
8. John Grant – GMF
9. Celebration – Tomorrow’s Here Today
10. Cate Le Bon (ft. Perfume Genius) – I Think I Knew
11. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being In Trouble
12. Lucius – Turn It Around
13. Horse Thief – Little Dust
14. Tiny Ruins – Carriages
15. Deer Tick – The Dream’s In The Ditch
16. Wild Beasts – A Simple Beautiful Truth

3 thoughts on “End Of The Road Special – The Playlist

  1. I’ll be at Arc Tan Gent, but I’m pretty jealous. The new St Vincent stuff sounds very cool. I’ve been pretty slack with Polyphonic Spree, Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens. I need to get investing.

      1. There’s so much good stuff, but I’m a fan of Nordic Giants, Physics House Band should be good, plus Samoans, Tall Ships and thing always provide value for money. Theo does an epic one man show too. I’ll hopefully write a post about it afterwards, as soon as I recover from the traditional festival malnutrition and hangover!

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