Five Things We Liked This Week – 18/09/2015

5. Shapeless Moon

We spoke about the upcoming collaboration between Alela Diane and Ryan Francesconi relatively recently, and this week they’ve shared the second taste of their upcoming album, in the shape of single, Shapeless.

Based around a minimal arrangement of looped guitars, thumb pianos, and smatterings of percussion, it’s a far more complex arrangement than it initially appears, and a perfect back drop for the layers of Alela’s stunning vocal. Ryan has previously worked with Joanna Newsom, and on the basis of what we’ve heard so far, might have once again stared in making the most of a wonderful and unique female vocalists talents.

Cold Moon is out October 16th via Rusted Blue Records/Believe Recordings. Alela Diane & Ryan Francesconi play dates in Brighton and London in October.

4. Holter! Who goes there?

Los Angeles based songstress Julia Holter has this week shared the video for her latest single, Sea Called Me Home. The track is lifted from her upcoming and hotly anticipated album Have You In My Wilderness, and features both excellent whistling and one of the most arrestingly brilliant saxophone solos you’re ever likely to here.

The gorgeously shot video finds Julia, longing to experience the, “scary wonder in discovering freedom”, as she packs up her bags and heads for the shore. It also features an excellent straw hat we’re rather jealous of, but maybe that’s just us. Either way beautiful video, beautiful track  and surely a beautiful album on the way later this month, plenty to like here.

Have You In My Wilderness is out 25 September via Domino. Julia Holter starts her UK tour on November 9th.

3. Oh, To Be A Chorusgirl

Doubly good news courtesy of London-based Jangle’n’Roll band, Chorusgirl this week. Not only are they re-releasing excellent early track Oh, To Be A Defector as a single, they’ve also signed to Fortuna Pop! and are going to be releasing their debut album later this year.

Sharing the video for Oh, To Be A Defector, singer Silvi Wersing says the track is about, “not taking part, about not playing everyones game. Of not belonging, of dropping out and of being ok with that and shouting that back at everyone.” We whole heartedly agree with that concept, and when you put it to arguably the catchiest chorus of the year, well you’re onto a winner really aren’t you.

Chorusgirl’s debut album is out via Fortuna Pop! on November 13th. They support Flowers at The Lexington tonight, and then play their album launch at The Victoria in Dalston on November 18th.

2. Romantic Wishing

Los Angeles-based folk craftsman Paul Bergmann has had something of a nomadic musical career to date. He’s turned his hand to surf-punk, garage-country, and a host of other styles, but settling into the guise of a solo-folkster, influenced he says as much by the natural side of Los Angeles as by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, he seems to have stumbled onto something that suits him perfectly.

Paul’s releasing a new EP, Romantic Thoughts, at the start of next month on Fairfax Recordings, which he recorded in the same studio Neil Young fleshed out After The Gold Rush. Until then he’s shared new single, Wishing Song, which also feature the talents of Warpaint’s Emily Kokol. The song is a gorgeous country ballad in the Jonny & June Cash or Lambchop mould, and if the EP’s this good you’ll be hearing a lot more about Paul very soon.

Romantic Thoughts is out October 2nd via Fairfax Recordings. Paul Bergman currently only has tour dates booked in California at the start of October.

1. Tuff Duke

Glaswegian duo Tuff Love this week announced the release of their new EP, Dregs. Dregs is their third EP and will be with us via Lost Map Records in the Winter, but for now they’ve shared the first taste of it, in the shape of new single Duke.

Tuff Love are the dual vocals of guitarist Julie Eisenstein and bassist Suse Bear. The band have previously shared stages with the likes of Perfect Pussy, Real Estate and Joanna Gruesome as well as shoegaze legends Ride; all that on top of being Paolo Nutini’s favourite band (N.B. might not actually be true but he does like them)

Discussing the single, Tuff Love have described the track as a guitar melody that’s been going round in their head for the last couple of years, and suggested it is about roots and growth. We think it’s rather great, the missing link between Elastica and Pins we never knew we were looking for, with their previous EP’s well and truly sold out, we can only recommend getting your hands on a copy of Dregs while you still can.

Dregs is out November 6th on Lost Map Records. Tuff Love head out on a UK tour in November.

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