Five Things We Liked This Week – 19/11/2015

5. Sub Gothic

Mass Gothic is a pseudonym for the work of Massachusetts born, New York based singer-songwriter Noel Heroux. Though before you rush to file him next to Elliot Smith or Ryan Adams, this ain’t no acoustic cry-fest. Mass Gothic deal in tense, dirgy, bass-heavy psych, and cathartic power-pop, all recorded on a four-track recorder, alone, as he puts it an attempt to, “jot down all of the noise and music floating around in my head” with no rules and no expectation.

This week Mass Gothic shared new single, Nice Night, which proceeds his self-titled debut album. The record is set for release on the legendary Sub Pop next year, and looks set to continue the labels record of releasing the most odd and intriguing music going.

Mass Gothic is out February 5th via Sub Pop.

4. Evergleen Idiot

Idiot Glee, or James Friley to his mother, took his musical moniker from a phrase coined by Brian Eno to describe the moment, “one experiences when completely lost in the moment of creation”. James has been having plenty of those recently, as confirmed by his new single, Evergreen Psycho.

Evergreen Psycho is the first track to be lifted from the Kentucky natives’ upcoming album, which will emerge next year. The track marks him out as contemporary of adventurous songwriters such as Father John Misty and BC Camplight. Like those two James is equally routed in the musical past as much as the here and now, taking influence from the likes of Harry Nilsson and Scott Walker. On Evergreen Psycho, he’s penned a rich and expansive piano ballad, brooding and nocturnal in tone, and a tantalising teaser for his next move.

Idiot Glee is out January 29th via Hop Hop Records.

3. A Load Of Old Pony

Charlie Hilton has, up until this point been best known for her work in Portland alt-rockers, Blouse. This week though, Charlie has detailed her first steps out on her own, in the shape of her debut solo single, Pony. Lyrically straight forward it’s Charlie casting off the shackles of someone who is taking advantage of her. Musically it’s a hazy, psych-pop number recalling the likes of Melody’s Echo Chamber or Burning Peacocks, and showcasing Charlie’s gorgeous, husky vocal style.

Pony is the first track to be lifted from her upcoming debut solo album, Palana, which will land early next year. The album was produced by Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Jacob Portrait, and also contains cameos from Woods’ James Tavernier, and Captured Tracks label mate Mac De Marco. The album takes it’s name from Charlie’s Sanskirt name, Palana, which she shed after high school for the androgynous Charlie; she says the album can be summed up by a quote from Herman Hesse, “Man is not by any means of fixed and enduring form…he is much more an experiment and a transition….”. From the sounds of Pony this will be one experiment worth finding out the results of.

Palana is out January 22nd via Captured Tracks.

2. Hours Of Sorrow

Irish Post-Punks Altered Hours have been doing a lot of things right of late. They played a hugely well received set at Liverpool Psych Fest, intrigued Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre enough to see him release an EP of their music on his own label and have this week shared superbly abrasive new single, Way Of Sorrow.

The track is a big noisy joy, awash with feedback, urgent blasts of tense drums, and enough melodic vocal hooks to lift it away from pure dirge into something considerably more accessible, with nods towards both Savages and Sonic Youth. Expect to hear a lot more of these lot, as their much anticipated debut album will be with us early next year, and it should be a suitably joyous way to drag us kicking and screaming into 2016.

In Heat Not Sorry is out January 29th via Art For Blind Records

1. Jaala Have A Hard Hold Over Us

Melbourne based four-piece Jaala this week shared their video for new single Salt Shaker. The track is lifted from their debut album Hard Hold which is available as of today via Wondercore Island.

The band are fronted by enigmatic singer, guitarist and main songwriter Cosima, who is gifted with one of the most unique and brilliant voices you’ll here in a long time; she comes across equal part punk-powerhouse and soulful chanteuse. Salt Shaker is a track that incorporates elements of slacker-rock and art-pop, in the vein of Guided By Voices or Pavement. It’s a track that marks these Australians out as a band with a clear and fascinating vision, and one well worth keeping an eye on.

Hard Hold is out today via Wondercore Island. 

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