New To Us – Exploded View


Exploded View is a new project fronted by political-journalist turned musician Anika Henderson. She is joined in the band by producer, guitarist and drummer Martin Thulin, bassist and self-professed synth-head, Hugo Quezada, and synth/guitarist Hector Melgarejo.

Whilst Anika’s previous output was punctuated by nods in the direction of krautrock, Exploded View are a considerably different beast. The result of freely improvising and the spirit of recording everything and working out what works later, their sound is noisy and disconcerting with shades of post-punk, and no-wave. They mesh eerie electronics, pulsing bass and rattling ominous drums into a wash of violent noise, sitting aside from Anika’s icy, nonchalantly calm vocal.

Now this is a bit of a tricky question, the band describes their home town as Sweden, UK, Mexico City and Berlin. Anika is a German based out of Bristol, Martin is from Sweden and Hugo and Hector are both from Mexico City. The band formed when Anika, a solo artist in her own right, was first touring Mexico. Mexico City is the biggest city in North America, and is home to more museums than any other city in the world, other than London. It is home to the world’s richest man, the brilliantly named Carlos Slim. Musically it hasn’t had a huge amount of artists cross over into British culture, although Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Paulina Rubio have, to some extent crossed-over.

Exploded View have just released their debut single, No More Parties In The Attic, with a vinyl coming early next month. They’re set to release their debut full length album later this summer.

Incredibly early days it may be, but based simply on the sound of No More Parties In The Attic, we’re just very intrigued. Exploded View are a band who cram as much ambition and ideas into a single track as most do into entire albums, and they seem to have stumbled upon a sound that is entirely their own. There are resemblances to a slicker Joy Division, or the more deranged moments of Savages output, while Anika’s vocal has the detached feeling of Cate Le Bon, laced with intensity of Nadine Shah.

No More Parties In The Attic, is a track that wastes no time ushering the listener into its claustrophobic darkness. The track enters with a rush of ominous electronic pips, rumbling bass-lines and crashing tumbling bassy drum beats and doesn’t let up from there. Anika’s voice enters, she sounds distant, disconnected and eerie, as if calmly watching the chaos, she seems to almost be revelling in it.

Anika’s words drift in and out of focus, sometimes lost in the swell of noise, and in other moments resonating, they’re snapshots of a life, mere glimpses that leave you wanting to know more about the story they tell, but leave you largely unfulfilled, “we’ve lived up here for decades with the boxes of old pills, we’re living in the glory days where nothing really matters”. A fascinating introduction, but one that ultimately begs as many questions as it answers, but we can’t wait to hear where Exploded View go next.

Why Not?
Well it’s just one song…the rest of them might be rubbish. We’d be very surprised if they are though, Exploded View sound like a band who are on the verge of something very special.

No More Parties In The Attic is out April 1st via Sacred Bones on 7″ vinyl. 


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