Five Things We Liked This Week – 11/03/2016

Another week, another deluge of exciting new music. As well as the famous five below we can heartily endorse the new sounds of Virginia Wing, Kelly Lee Owens, Acapulco Lips, The Burning Hell, Ashley Shadow, Cullen OmoriDarren HaymanAndy ShaufCharlie HiltonJuliana Barwick, Dream Wife, Julia Jacklin, BleachedHoly Tunics, Pale Spectres, Gabriel Bruce, Spinning Coin, Palehound, Jealous Of The BirdsPlants and Animals, and a brand spanking new London noise-pop four piece by the name of Lads.

5. Mothers Ruin

We won’t waste too much time telling you that Mothers are probably the best band around, because we already did that in our recent album review. Suffice to say if you haven’t listened to the brilliant When You Walk A Long Distance, You Are Tired, it should be placed squarely at the top of your to do list.

This week they’ve shared a new video for one of the albums stand out track, It Hurts Until It Doesn’t. The video, which consists mainly of grainy hand-held footage shot by singer Kristine Leschper,is an ode to her missing cat Casper, who has previously featured in the bands promo photos. Kristine describes the video as, “the only remaining video I have of my best friend, who was so often the only thing keeping me rooted in reality, feeding me optimism, helping me survive”. Heartbreakingly beautiful music, heartbreaking stories about cats, Mothers truly are here to entirely ruin us all emotionally. The video is also accompanied by a Vashti Bunyan quote…seriously it’s too early in the morning for all these feelings.

“your cat is a friendly brother
who would offer his heart with allegiance
and if he could talk we’d be best friends
the only friend he has is his food”

When You Walk A Long Distance, You Are Tired is out now via Wichita Recordings. Mothers return to the UK in May, click HERE for details.

4. Super (8mm) Moon

London jangle-pop four piece Chorusgirl are firm favourite around these parts, and this week they have shared the video to their new single No Moon. The track is the latest to be lifted from last year’s self-titled album, which came out on Fortuna Pop, and was one of 2015’s best debuts.

The video is set in the garish, bright lights of a fairground, resplendent with wurlitzers, dodgems and creepy stuffed Minnions, all filmed on the grainy glory that is, Super 8 film. The video’s brightness is a deliberate contrast to the songs darker shades, the song deals openly with the final weeks in the life of singer Silvi’s mother, it’s an attempt to dismiss the ideas of sadness as big Hollywood climaxes, but to discuss how it creeps into your life, as Silvi puts it, “sadness catches you while you’re in the middle of something else”. As ever with Chorusgirl, No Moon is a track that can be enjoyed as a slice of joyous, jangling pop, but beneath its sweet exterior it carries an emotive punch, a trick that’s not as easy to pull off as the band make it look.

Chorusgirl is out now via Fortuna Pop. Chorusgirl have a handful of upcoming UK dates, click HERE for details.

3. Once More With Weaving

Toronto four-piece Weaves have this week announced their signing to the ever-excellent Memphis Industries, confirmed details of their debut album, and shared its first single; a pretty good week we’d say. Whilst their self-titled record wont be with us until the summer, the sound of lead single One More is reason enough to get very excited.

Discussing the meaning behind One More, singer Jasmyn Burke has described it as a declaration of independence, and a response to the idea that women in music spend too much time singing about trying to find their next love. The track is an effervescent blast of noise, all barely in time guitars, rattling cymbals and Jasmyn’s energetic, yelped vocal, equal parts Karen O and Be Your Own Pet’s Jemima Pearl. Noisy, arty and hook-laden in equal measures, Weaves are a band who sound just the right side of unhinged, and if the sound of this track is anything to go by, that’s a very exciting place to be.

Weaves is out June 17th via Memphis Industries. Weaves play a number of festivals this summer, click HERE for details.

2. Wolf Girl Bringing Sexy Back From Hounslow To Uxbridge

Today see’s the release of the debut album by pop-punk stars in the making,Wolf Girl, coming out via London (soon to be Cardiff) based independent heroes Odd Box Records. This week the band shared the post-it note and dark glasses filled video to the albums latest cut, Middlesexy, which follows hot on the footsteps of their superb previous single, Deep Sea Diver.

As well as being an absolutely brilliant title, Middlesexy is also a rather brilliant song. It rattles by in a blur of scuzz-laden guitars, pounding snare drums and sludgy bass, singer Becky Healy’s eloquent vocal floating atop the murk. She relays a tale of compromising oneself in the pursuit of affection; whether that’s in the shape of changing the clothes you wear or biting your tongue out of fear of saying the wrong thing. The band may have self-deprecatingly titled their album We Tried, but thank heavens they did try, and they succeeded as well, the album is a triumph.

We Tried is out today via Odd Box Records. Catch Wolf Girl live later in March, click HERE for details.

1. Right Here, Right Now

We were lucky enough to catch Amber Arcades, the moniker of Annelotte de Graaf, supporting Palehound in London last week, and the show confirmed a number of things. Firstly they’ve got some excellent songs, secondly they’re probably the most stylish band in the world, and thirdly all going well they’re going to be absolutely massive. There really is no reason why Amber Arcades can’t follow in the footsteps of Alvvays and break through into the upper echelons of the indie-stratosphere.

This week they have confirmed details of the upcoming album release via Heavenly Recordings and shared the video to latest single, Right Now. The track buzzes with the dreamy guitars of Real Estate and the persistent beat of Stereolab, whilst Annelotte’s vocal has the same hazy, sun-dripped melancholy of Molly Rankin from the aforementioned Alvvays. If this is anything to go by, Fading Lines might just be the most celestial release Heavenly have ever put out.

Fading Lines is out June 3rd via Heavenly Recordings. Amber Arcades are on tour now, click HERE for details.

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