Five Things We Liked This Week – 08/04/2016

Welcome once again to our weekly round up of the best new music we’ve heard this week. On top of today’s top five we’d also like to suggest you give the following tracks a listen: MONEY, Tacocat, Golden Fable, AukaiThe Parrots, SupermoonAnimal EyesKate Jackson, Suns Of Thyme, whenyoungJulianna Barwick, Grawl!x, Basement Revolver, Steady Holiday, Thomas Cohen and Peaness.

5. EAT FAST, Die Young

Information on the very new to us noise-pop band EAT FAST is proving a little hard to find. Number of members? Not a clue. Where are they from? Don’t know. Do they sound great? You betcha.

This week EAT FAST, who were formerly known as EAT prior to a legal wrangle with the 1980’s act of the same name, have shared their new single, Stammer and announced their debut live shows. It might sound like we’re playing dumb, but we genuinely don’t know anything about them. We do know that Stammer is superb; it’s a blur of muffled, distorted vocals, buzz-saw guitar thrashing and rumbling, bouncing drums. Lo-fi and noisy it may be but in the vein of bands like No Age or Wavves, beneath the fuzz lies a delightfully catchy two-minute pop song. Whoever EAT FAST are, they sure are exciting!

Stammer is out today. EAT FAST play a couple of dates in London May 18th & 19th, and Brighton May 20th, we guess HERE is the best place to find out about those.

4. Ali Beletic For You, When The Rain Starts To Fall

Up until now Ali Beletic is probably best known as an installation artist, 2016 though is shaping up to be the year Ali Beletic becomes first and foremost a musician. This week Ali has shared her new single, Band Of Outsiders, the latest to be lifted from her long anticipated debut album, Legends Of These Lands Left To Live, which will be out in the Summer.

Band Of Outsiders has the feel of a shoot-out in a ghost town, all twanging menace and desert angst. There’s shades of Patti Smith or early PJ Harvey in the brooding atmosphere Ali creates, the husky vocals have a touch of Alison Mosshart, and there’s a distinct slice of the cinematic stylings of Ennio Morricone. Ali speaks regularly of wanting to tap into the visceral and tangible nature of rock music, she asks us to, “get loud, turn up, and rock n roll”, we would of course encourage all our readers to play music at sensible volumes: think about your hearing kids.

Legends Of These Lands Left To Live is out June 17th via Lightning Records. 

3. Geometric Owls

Tokyo psych-fivesome, Kikagaku Moyo have this week shared their new single Silver Owl, the second cut to be lifted from their upcoming album, House In The Tall Grass which is out next month on Guruguru Brain. The band will also be over in the UK next month showcasing their broad sonic pallet which incorporates elements of Indian classical music, psych-folk, krautrock and improvisation.

Silver Owl is a perfect introduction to the bands ambitious approach to making music. Ten minutes of slowly winding guitars, gentle Vetiver-like vocals and stabs of freeform electric-guitar noodling, the track is equal parts Pentangle and Pink Floyd. The band’s name translates as Geometric Shapes, which presumably will be exactly what they’ll be asking punters to pull on the dance floor at their upcoming shows, so get practising those dodecahedrons.

House In The Tall Grass is out May 13th via Guruguru Brain. Click HERE for details of all Kikagaku Moyo’s upcoming shows.

2. What Ashley Does In The Shadows

Vancouver-based musician Ashley Shadow has forged a reputation as a high-profile collaborator; previously working with the likes of Pink Mountaintops, The Cave Singers, and Bonnie Prince Billy. This year though she’s taking centre stage, and this week she has shared In Shadows, the latest track lifted from her debut solo album.

We previously shared the album’s first single, the brooding and atmospheric Tonight, but In Shadows is an all together different beast. The track moves with a quiet longing, Ashley sounding almost detached from the music behind her; her voice is possessed with a quivering and emotive quality, accompanied by little more than a simple acoustic guitar motif and the slow meander of a chaperoning bass. Versatile, and captivating, Ashley Shadow is a talent that leaves you wanting to hear where she’s going to take you next, and the signs suggest it’s going to be a journey well worth taking.

Ashley’s self-titled debut album is out April 15th via felte. 

1. Glaspying At Straws

One of SXSW’s most talked about acts, Californian born, Brooklyn based songwriter, Margaret Glaspy has this week confirmed details of her debut album. Emotion And Math will be out later this year via the ever excellent ATO Records, whetting appetites ahead of that release, Margaret has this week shared the album’s title track.

Emotions and math might not be obvious bed-fellows, but as Margaret explains they’re part of all of us. Whilst we might want to be free to go with the flow, we’re also all routed in a certain analytical process-driven approach, as Margaret says, “nobody is just one thing.” The star of the show here is Margaret’s own vocal, equal parts Elliot Smith-tenderness and Grace Slick rasp. The stop you in your tracks vocal, coupled with the songs snarling electric guitars, bluesy-rhythm section and lyrical honesty, are all boding brilliantly for the upcoming album, surely one of the most anticipated debuts of the year.

Emotions and Math is out June 17th via ATO Records. US readers click HERE for all upcoming Margaret Glaspy tour dates.

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