[Premiere] VESSEL – The Clearing

Not to be mistaken with Leeds’ electronic post-rockers Vessels, VESSEL is the latest musical pseudonym of Danish artist, Anders Mathiasen, best known as one half of folk-noir duo, Murder. Today we’re delighted to share the UK premiere of the video for VESSEL’s new single, The Clearing.

Version 3

N.B. The video contains some nudity and as such could be considered NSFW.

The Clearing is the first track to be lifted from VESSEL’s upcoming album Patterns Of Blue. VESSEL’s third album, it will be available next month through Scandinavian label Danish Music and Entertainment (more commonly known as DME). Anders has spoken about the importance of spirituality in his music, and describes Patterns Of Blue as being inspired by the flashes of insight he found at a four month retreat at a Zen Buddhist monastery, although set into the everyday life of being married with children.

Whilst you’ll have to wait to hear the full extent of Anders’ latest musical endeavor, The Clearing is a fine example of what VESSEL are capable of. The track is a gorgeous meander; a stunning blend of warm piano runs, light Adem-like percussion, and cyclical guitar patterns. Vocally, Anders combines the slow-motion croon of Bill Callahan with the gentle timbre of Jens Lekman. Latterly the song resolves via spacey Grandaddy-like synthesizers into a warm, sun-dripped crescendo: the aural equivalent of a sunset at the close of a bright spring day. It is music that hints not at blessed highs or crushing lows, but at the quiet contentment that represents a truer form of human happiness.

The accompanying video is essentially a remake of Veit Helmer’s art-house movie Tuvalu. Produced with the blessing of the director the clips are dreamy, humorous and undeniably beautiful; the images were shot in black and white, with the resulting film tinted with washes of sepia and blue. The clip perfectly ties in with the accompanying music, watching this will make you not only want to look deeper into the music of VESSEL, but you’ll probably be searching out the film Tuvalu too.

Patterns Of Blue is out May 27th via DME (Danish Music and Entertainment).

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