Indietracks – The Playlist

All the best bands playing at this years Indietracks festival in one handy audio-visual playlist.

If you missed it, earlier this we shared a bumper crop of 10 unmissable acts playing this weekend, but now adding further to the excitement we thought we’d share even more of the fantastic line up with you, only without us waffling on about it.

And for those of you who can’t make it, well you can at least get a flavour of what you’re missing. You could even set up your own train set, crush some cans and trap an owl in your house to recreate the festival feel without leaving your living room.

1. The Spook School – Binary
2. Simon Love – The Meaning Of Love
3. Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4. Emma Pollock – Parks and Recreations
5. The Lovely Eggs – Goofin’ Around (In Lancashire)
6. Expert Alterations – Such A Stupid Fool
7. Flowers – Pull My Arm
8. Bearsuit – A Train Wreck
9. Chrissy Barnacle – Hazelnuts
10. Songs For Walter – Tougher Than A Soldiers Boots
11. Iko Chérie – Comme Ferdinand Et Marianne
12. The Aislers Set – Mary’s Song
13. Darren Hayman – From The Square To The Hill
14. Seazoo – Panda Pains
15. Haiku Salut – Bleak and Beautiful (All Things)
16.¡Ay Carmela! – Crying In Public
17. Deerful – Moon Maps
18. Girl Ray – I’ll Make This Fun
19. Trust Fund – Football
20. Witching Waves – The Threat

Tickets for Indietracks are still available – click HERE for details.

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