[PREMIERE] Paul Goodwin – Cold Case

London born, Cambridge based folk musician Paul Goodwin has been sharing his music with the world since 2009, but his most recent album, The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube, is his first new music since 2012. Today we’re delighted to share the latest cut from that record in the shape of a new track, Cold Case.


Cold Case is in many ways a testament to Paul’s ability to look beyond the sometimes narrow world of folk, owing as much to the likes of Frightened Rabbit or The Mountain Goats as it does to his folkish roots. It’s a fully rounded affair, building from the opening lithe acoustic guitar line into a rich full band sound, it’s clear a great deal of effort has gone not just into the writing but the production of this record.

Discussing the track, Paul notes, “the song is, I guess, looking back at something after enough time has gone by that it’s not too raw but not so much time has gone by that you can only remember either the good parts or the bad parts. I was pretty lonely when I wrote it and stayed up late a lot watching detective shows. Mostly “Bones”. I’ve only seen “Cold Case” itself once and it was a bit rubbish. It was originally going to have loads of crime drama references shoehorned into the lyrics but only a couple of vague ones made it. “I turned our room around to try to turn it back to my room” is one of my favourite lines on the record.”

A delightfully self-deprecating sort, Paul put’s the four year gap between releases down, not to the distractions of real life, including the birth of his son, but to his own failings, ‘I’m incredibly slow at doing things any-way. It took me a month to get the gaps between the songs right’. It may have been a long time coming, but The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube was more than worth the wait.

The Northern Lights in the Neon Tube is out now – click HERE to get your copy. Paul Goodwin has a handful of upcoming shows, click HERE for details.

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